Saturday, August 14, 2010

Art update- "ears" is apparently the word of the week

I've been trying to get back into the creative groove after not being able to make much for a few weeks. Halloween is just around the corner, so I'm trying to get as much costume-y stuff done as possible while it's still summer. I'm a procrastinator even on good health days, so I figure I should start getting a little done at a time. :)

Costume-y bits!
Here's the start of the Halloween crafting- lots and lots of ears:
Lots of ears- sneak peek

The headbands are the things on the top, the ears on the left are going to be orc and elf (going to try something new with these- you'll find out about that in probably my next art update), and the ones on the left are goblin, halfling/half-elf, and faun/centuar. I have more colors and possibly other designs in my head, so I'm hopefully going to get all those done in time this year. :)

I realized that the whole reason I started making these ears is because I can't wear the glue-on kind, and then I never actually finished a pair for myself. Since I currently have a half-elf residing in my head as a writing character, those are the ones I'm keeping for myself. ;)

I also made some horns and another style of ears, this time in clay, but it's been too rainy for me to get pictures of them yet. Those'll be in a later post, too.

I've gotten a bunch of fun earring custom orders to work on over the past week or so, too. Oddly enough, the customers all wanted blue ones. I guess because it's summer? Whatever the reason, I like blue, so I approved of their color choice. ;)

Here's the first one:
Slightly different style of cartilage chain earrings
Slightly different style of cartilage chain earrings

This may look like a normal double chain cartilage earring, but it's actually made with a loop at the top to slide onto a barbell earring (sorry about that photo being dark- crummy weather this week). I wasn't sure of the size to make the loop because I didn't have any barbells to test it on so I made two- luckily the larger one already on the earring fit. Whew! But hey, now I know the size to make them should I need to make more for barbells in the future, right? :)

Clip on silver and blue cartilage chain earring

Another weird photo, this time because the clip-on bottom post wouldn't fit on my mannequin's ear. I think I like the way the all-silver chain looks, so I may make more like that. What do you think?

And here's the other custom earring I made this week:
Blue and Green Pegasus Double Cartilage Chain Earring

This is kind of a combination between my Rohan earring and the sea blue and green double earring, what with the blue, green, and silver and the Pegasus and Celtic knot.

To change things up with colors, here's "Tribal Fire", a hemp bracelet/anklet; I made this a while ago but finally got around to listing it:
Red and orange hemp bracelet/anklet - Tribal Fire

You can find this unisex bracelet here in my Artfire shop and here on Etsy.


Steadily churning out sections (chapters?) for my long story for the Fantasy Big Bang challenge. I'm at something like 8,800 words now; the goal is 10k, but we're allowed to go over, which is good because I think I might reach close to 20k. I'm only just now reaching the main plotline as I'm having a little too much fun tormenting my half-elf. ;)

I'm really glad I signed up for this challenge because otherwise I wouldn't have something pushing me to write and I didn't realize how much I'd missed creative writing! I'm really pleased with how this story is coming along and how humor ties in, which is good because I've always lacked self confidence when it came to creative writing (grrr teachers not letting me write in my preferred genre and then giving me bad grades when they didn't like what I dished out in their genres. No wonder I fell into non-creative essay writing in my college major). I promise once I'm allowed to share it (November), I'll post it to my writing blog. :) I'm just happy my BA in English is finally getting some use. LOL!

Upcoming projects
My plan for the week is:
-finish the ears
-make more horns
-work on a doll for my best friend's birthday
-remake older cartilage earrings
-break 10k words in my story and have the main character locate the villain (well, "villain"; he's rather possessed at the moment)

My plan for the month is:
-experiment more with ear cuffs and cartilage earrings
-make more circlets and bracers
-finish three WIP dolls


aquariann said...

Yay for crocheted ears! I'll definitely be wearing mine this Halloween. ^.^

Merily said...

Whoot! I'm so glad you're getting use out of them. :D

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