Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Art update- it's costume crafting time!

Time for another art update, methinks! I'm steadily working on horns and ears to get my shops ready for fall- I have about 10 pairs of ears in the works and about 5 pairs of horns that I hope to finish soon.

Here's what my craft area looked like today:
My workspace today

Yup, lots of clay and glitter and stuff going on!

Lots of WIP clay horns

That was before I baked the horns, so they're not all exactly the right color (I think I only changed the spiral color on the gold ones, though). You'll see better (and finished) photos of these soon.

Here are the other horns I finished this week:
Blue and Black Curled Dragon Horns - closeup

These were for a custom order and are larger and heftier than the ones I usually make; eventually I'd like to make more of this style, assuming I can get clay that actually is workable.

I'm having lots of problems with clay lately- all my old stuff is fine, but any clay I've bought in the past year or two or so is rock hard, and that's Sculpey, which is supposed to be soft! My theory is that the clay is partly cooked inside (it's a different color) and was stored someplace too hot- I'm looking for other places to buy it than Joann's since that seems to be the problem store. Next time I'm keeping the receipt so I can return the clay when I find it hard (which I know I will). I've very much annoyed at this because it takes me three times as long to make the horns when the clay is that hard (assuming I can get it to work at all) and it ends up making my hand really sore.

Anyway, more clay things I finished a week or so ago that I hinted at in the last post:
Pink and black clay cat ears

Cat ears for my friend Smiss (she won them from my birthday giveaway).

And purple horns for another friend:
Purple glittery dragon horns

I wanted to show the pile of ears I'm still working on, but didn't have a chance to snap that picture yet, so I'll leave you with my most recently finished and listed pair- these are goblin or orc ears:
Crocheted Goblin or Orc Costume Ears with a Brown Headband

You can find these here on Artfire and here on Etsy. I have a special place in my heart for these ears because they were inspired by one of the goblins my fiancé draws. I really love this ear shape so I decided that I'm going to use it for half-elf ears, as well- not orange, of course, unless the half-elf was using a really bad fake tanner.


I worked a lot on this earlier last week, but haven't been able to for a few days because of a combination of writers block and being busy with art. I did break about 12k words, though! I'm not sure if I should end up breaking the story up into two- the heroes still haven't found the villain and there's still a LOT of plot that I need to include, but I'm not sure if it would work as two since it's really one story. Hmm...

I did other writing today- I finally updated me and my elf-sister's geocaching and adventure blog with the caches my dad and I found in the beginning of July and the ones we found yesterday. Check out the awesome weird Victorian buildings we found!

Upcoming projects
Plan for the week:
~Finish all those horns
~Get a few of those ears done (need to finish a half-elf pair so I can wear it to the renfaire next month!)
~Finish the doll for my best friend (sorry it's so late, sis!)
~Have the main character locate the villain in my story (yeah, carrying this over from last week)

Plan for the month:
~Experiment with ear cuffs and cartilage earrings
~Make circlets and bracers
~Work on 3 WIP dolls (and possibly start one for myself)
~Finish a sweater for my best friend that's been in my WIP bin for well over a year
~Make more runestones (assuming I can get clay to work; see problem above)
~Possibly make a chainmaille belt for my elf costume
~Work on my D&D game


AliciaMae said...

wow, you keep busy :)

For clay you can try polymerclaysuperstore dot com. They run specials a lot and I haven't run into any problems with the sculpey clay I've gotten from them (yet anyway). You have the shipping to add to the price, but their pricing doesn't seem to be more than what I used to pay in my local AC Moore (I no longer live near craft stores so I've had to switch to online only).

Merily said...

lol, trying to stay busy. Have a lot of halloween-related stuff to work on. :)

Thanks for the link! I've ordered from Joann's website and the clay I get from them is just as hard as the stuff from the stores, so I definitely need a new place to get it. :)

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