Friday, August 20, 2010

Art update- more video game dolls

Well, this is sort of an art update- they're art, but I made these months and months ago and forgot to post about them. Whoops? Remember the Henry Hatsworth and Cole and Weasleby plushies I made last year? This year I've made three more from that series.

Back in June I made the Captain and his nurse:
Nurse and the Captain (Henry Hatsworth) plushies

The Captain (Henry Hatsworth) plushie

Nurse (Henry Hatsworth) plushie

The Captain is crocheted from acrylic yarn with felt bowtie and vest, handpainted face, and polymer clay wheelchair and eartrumpet thing. The nurse is crocheted from acrylic yarn in my own pattern. The crosses are felt and the face and dirty spots on her apron are fabric paint. I think she's about 10" tall. (The Captain would be about 6" were he standing, so I think he's a bit shorter than that.) The nurse didn't come out quite as fat as I had planned, but otherwise I'm really proud of these. :)

My fiance helped me sculpt the wheelchair; that was definitely a two person job! Thanks for your help, Josh!

The other doll I made from the series this year is Lance Banson. I made this back in Januaryish, so the lighting was terrible- hence the not very clear photos:

Lance (Henry Hatsworth) plushie

Lance (Henry Hatsworth) plushie

I still haven't played much of the game yet, so I made these while looking off of screencaps and concept art. The characters obviously don't belong to me.

I'm working on a bunch of random dolls at the moment, so there'll be more plushies in one of my next updates. :)

3 comments: said...

I don't know the games, but I LOVE the dolls! Especially that hunky guy! HAHAHA!

Merily said...

LOL! Oh, Smiss, you make me laugh. ;) Thanks!

aquariann said...

Your plushies are so very cute. ^.^

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