Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Spin, spin, spin the color wheel

I missed this Blogfire carnival last week (still trying to catch myself up with online things), but I really wanted to blog about this theme since it's about color and how we use it.

Cool Colors
By now everyone knows about my obsession with green; that's definitely my favorite color to work with because it's the one that makes me feel most comfortable and creative. It's such a living, thriving color that it's no wonder it feeds me inspiration and spawns art supplies (how else do you explain green beads taking over my craft bins?). And green always wants to hang out with blue and brown, so I'm not stuck only using the one color. ;)

Here are some of my favorite artworks that came from my usual color palettes:
Green Vine Forest Fairy Costume Horns Undine's Familiar - chainmaille and bottle necklace
Green and Brown Leaf Cartilage Chain Earring - Wood Elf

Warm Colors
Dragon-girl, my art muse, is just as into Earth and Water colors as I am, so sometimes it's difficult for me to break away from the cool side of the color wheel. Luckily Cyn, my writing muse is a workaholic and enjoys doing double-duty as a secondary art muse; since he actually likes reds and warm colors (ick!), Dragon-girl and I are perfectly willing to let him be so controlling.

With Cyn's help, I'm able to figure out what to do with my red, orange, and yellow art supplies other than stick them somewhere and forget about them. He also makes me buy those supplies in the first place; before he came along, I'll admit that I was only buying the cool colors that called to me (I'll also admit that I still don't own much yellow). And I also tend to make more masculine jewelry when he takes over, so that's good, too. Pushy though he is, he's a helpful muse to have around. ;) Here are some of my favorite things in the icky warm side of the color wheel:
Red, orange, and black beaded hemp necklace - Muse's Inspiration Red, brown, orange cartilage chain earring - Messenger's Feather
Red and white shell hemp bracelet or anklet -  Red Ocean

And girly colors, I suppose?
And the last color combination I tend to work in is black and hot pink; I don't do this one often, but I do enjoy it. (It always amazes people that hot pink is one of my favorite colors since I never wear it and don't often work with it, either; it's just too girly. But remember- I'm a child of the 80s.) My little sister tends to be my inspiration here since she's always wanting jewelry or crochet in hot pink, usually with black thrown in (she's to hot pink the way I am to green). That girl uses up my pink art supplies with unbelievable speed, but I can't say no to my little sister!

Here are some of my hot pinks, made with my sister in mind:
Hot Pink and Black Double Cartilage Chain Earring Black and hot pink chainmaille anklet
Pink Flower Wristcuffs

(The muses I linked to were drawn by my talented friend Niere. Figured I should mention that since she's both talented and my friend. ;) )

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