Thursday, August 05, 2010

Tour of my studio, such as it is

Today I sent in my application for the certified handmade artifact on Artfire- I meant to do this sooner, but wasn't up to it (explaining the process for everything I make was quite a daunting task- my application ended up being three full pages). My awesome fiance helped me clean and organize my room this week and I'm so happy about how organized it is- my supplies have never been so easy to get to! :D I still have to sort through the bins with my random supplies, but my yarn, roving (and spinning supplies), crochet WIPs, and finished things are all wonderfully neat and tidy. And since that's done now, that meant I could take pictures of my "studio" to send along with the application.

And to blog about, of course. ;) You can click to view the pictures larger if you want.

Here are most of my art supplies- I labeled this photo:

I say "most" because my roving and some yarn were still under the bed (where all those small bins go) and my beads are on the other side of my room next to my desk. Let's play "find the dorkiness". ;)
-there are about 4 unicorns and a dragon on top of the bins, along with a clay and feather faerie I made in high school pottery class
-the mannequin is wearing elf ears I bought for myself a few years ago
-that weird multi-colored thing next to the bins on the floor is the "trippy trashcan" I made in that pottery class (it's got astrological signs at the top and hearts at the bottom)
-my two favorite D&D characters in plushie form next to my tv
-that grey pointy thing on the far left is the blade of my scythe
-Shakespeare and a pirate ship are sitting on top of the jewelry box next to the tv
-Old time photo of me and Josh on the wall (he was a gangster, I was some sort of barmaid)
-I tried to fit my pirate hat in the photo, but all you can see is the red feather on top of the bins.

And yes, the cat actually moved so she could better get in the picture, then began preening. Ah, cats.

A Link wall scroll (Ocarina of Time, of course!) and some of my books- ye gads, I have a lot of Discworld. Have I mentioned that I'm a geek? ;)

Look down a bit and you can see all my bead bins and yet more books (I have about 400 more books in storage, lol). That thing on my computer tower is the cardboard I use to carry my clay around the house (since I work clay and paint things on the dining room table) and the plastic thing I use as a paint palette (doubles as a caddy to hold my clay and stuff when there's no paint in it). I'm all about cheap or free supplies. ;) That random eggtimer I found in a geocache a few weeks ago (same with one of the rubber ducks on the desk and the horse [you can only really see the red cross on it] that's sitting behind the cardboard). Oh, and a random witch M&M doll. I'm not really sure why that's there. LOL!

Closeup time:

That's what things look like when I'm working on my cartilage earrings; the finished ones are in that clear container on the left, the beaded things under the bin with my small jump rings are the earrings I'm currently working on, and that yellow bag holds some of my finished bracelets that I still have to list. The pink and black thing to the left is an anklet for my sister, the black thing with pens sticking out of it and the blue and green thing on the right are more pottery things I made in high school (someday I'll get back into pottery- I really miss that), a green figure I use as a model when I draw people, a green crocheted D4 (gotta work on that dice design to make it more even), rubber ducks, a tiny wire sculpture of a chick and Easter basket next to the yellow bag (I won this from the Handmade in Europe AF team- it was made by my plurk friend CatsWire), and my plushie of my art muse.

And I had to smile when we had to send along a picture of a work in progress. I have an entire bin of those (and I couldn't even fit them all into the bin)

so I had a whole bunch to choose from. (I think in that bin I had almost finished goblin and orc ears, octagons for a laptop sleeve I've yet to finish, a poncho I never finished [need to frog this and try my own design], yarn for a tunic I haven't had a chance to start, an almost finished sweater for my best friend...)

I picked the ears (not much to look at, so not posting here) and three half-finished dolls:

Like most of my WIPs, these are for me (I never seem to finish art for myself...). Pit (left) still needs a toga, bracers, sandals, and a face; Sheik (middle) still needs his/her clothing and wraps finished, dagger painted and attached, and a face (he does have a hat done, though); and SwampFox (right- my D&D henchman) still needs clay armor and sword. Maybe I'll finish these this month when I work on a doll for my best friend's birthday. :)

I ended up rambling more than I wanted to here, but you now know what my studio, such as it is, looks like. :)


Melissa said...

So this is what your workspace looks like. That's a crazy amount of craft supplies! O.O Hehe. Ooh. Link! Kinda reminds me of my wallscroll. Well, the color of the background at least. Mine's Twilight Princess Link riding Epona.

I always love seeing pictures of people's rooms. Reminds me that I never took pictures of my room after I rearranged it... said...

Nice Link wall scroll! ^_^

Rose Works Jewelry said...

I love seeing all your stuff! It's so like I would have pictured it. You'd be inspiring me to do a post, but I can't get off the couch for more than a minute or two. *sigh* I have been thinking I should be able to crochet while watching movies on my back with the laptop on my lap. Going to try that when I'm done catching up on my e-mails...

aquariann said...

Fun tour! That Link scroll is awesome. Have you ever see my fan art of Dark Link?

Merily said...

Niere- LOL! Yeah, I have a LOT of craft supplies, and I think I still had some hiding not in the pictures. And my pottery wheel is still in storage. Heh. I wonder if our scrolls were made by the same company or something? I picked OoT Link because he's the incarnation I have a crush on. ;) Yeah, you should blog that- I like seeing where people live, too. ... although that sounds creepy. LOL!

Smiss- Thanks!

Ruthie- I think I already replied to your comment. ;)

Aquariann- That fan art is AWESOME! I'll have to show that to my best friend who loves Dark Link. :D

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