Thursday, August 19, 2010

Trove Thursday- Blogfire Summer Sun

Finally had a chance to try out the Collections on Artfire, and wow, it works great! This is perfect for my Trove Thursday posts since it generates its own widget- no more screencaps when I feature Artfire artists! :D The current Blogfire carnival theme is Sunrise/Sunset, so I filled my first Collection up with bright, sunny items from my guildmates.

This collection includes InletImages, Swank, NatureManipulated, essensu, tiltcreations, GoblinsMarket, AndreaDesigns, AliciaMae, withourhands, Whskr, TulipsTreasureBoxJewelry, merigreenleaf. I have no idea if all are active members, though.

And hey, with this you can click the art to be taken directly to the listing- neat, huh? The only downside is that it lost its 4x3 (3x4? Do rows or columns go first?) formatting when I had to fit it on my blog, so the colors are no longer lined up like you can see on the collection page (I had oranges with oranges and yellows in rows with yellows). Ah well, overall I'm quite pleased with this Artfire feature! Now I wish Etsy had a way to widgetize treasuries- then I'd be all sorts of saving steps with these posts. ;)

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