Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Art update: geekiness abounds! (Or: here be wizards, centaurs, and paladins)

I'm super excited to share the latest art I've been working on! In case it wasn't blatantly obvious, I am a fantasy geek. A fantasy gaming geek, in this case, which means I can roll dice with the best of them and know my way around races and classes and THAC0s (I should mention that D&D 2nd edition holds my heart- you can keep your newer versions). Since I'm also an artist, I decided to try my hand at combining my geekiness with my creativity- enter cell phone charms/keychains/zipper pulls!

Here's the first- a wizard one:
Geeky wizard keychain cell phone charm
(You can find it here on Artfire and here on Etsy.)

Geeky wizard keychain cell phone charm

Why yes, my phone is as old as dirt. But hey, it was up to date... er... six years ago. Although since I'm selling medieval-related charms, I should just clip the charm to a pigeon or possibly some dude with a bugle and tabard.

But I'm rambling. I originally intended these to just be cell phone charms but I realized that because I string the beads on wire, it wouldn't bend through the loop. Luckily I have lobster clasps laying around so I connected those and- tada!- now it doubles as a zipper pull or keychain. I love when mistakes end up working out. ;)

Here's a peek at the others I have finished:
Geeky cell phone charms

I have ideas for a whole bunch more but I ran out of letters (particularly "i". Every word I want to spell has a flippin' "i" in it. Yet I have about a half dozen "j"'s. Sheesh). And I'd like to buy more charms, as well.

Do you guys have ideas? I'm thinking "bard" will have a music note, "thief" will have a dagger or possibly a treasure chest, "fighter" will get a sword of some sort, maybe "halfling" could get an apple (hey, I think food when I think hobbits)... I'd love more ideas, though! Even non-geeky ones would be cool. :)

And would you like to know what the main catalyst was for the cell phone charm idea? This earring:
Silver and Blue Knight Cartilage Chain Earring - Paladin's Courage
Paladin's Courage Double Cartilage Chain Earring (find it here and here)

This was inspired by the paladin NPC my fiancé plays in Dungeons and Dragons. (Want proof? Here's the doll I made of that character.) After I made it I realized that it also reminds me of the Heralds of Valdemar, what with all that blue and silver and a horse and all. So it's doubly geeky, I guess!

And to continue the D&D geekiness, although in a less obvious way, I also listed this hemp bracelet in both shops this week:
Purple and sepia hemp bracelet or anklet - Moxious Minstrel

Innocently purple, right? Well, it's called "Moxious Minstrel" because I made it to match this Bardic Bravery necklace (note to self: get better pictures of that one), and, like the necklace, it was inspired by my old Grey Elf bard.

I'll finish sharing this week's art by switching to something less specifically geeky and more just random fantasy:
Crocheted Faun or Centaur Costume Ears on a Brown Headband

Faun, Satyr, or Centaur ears! These can be found here and here and are crocheted and reusable, like all my ears (...okay, that sentence sounds a bit odd). These particular ones are on a light brown headband but I can make the ears and headband in any color.

I haven't finished the horns I gave a sneak peek of last week so that'll have to wait until the next update, where hopefully I'll also share more ears and the bracers I've been working on. And possibly that doll I really need to finish for my best friend...

Eep, I really need to start posting more than once a week to avoid these long updates- that and I'd like to get back to posting book reviews and artist features. On the plus side I've been busy with art, which is a good reason to be preoccupied. Gotta get my shops ready for Halloween since I do so much costume-y things! :)


David Webb said...

Oh I really love the cell phone charms! I want one that says "Rogue" with a dagger charm! ;)

Merily said...

Aha! That's a word I can do that doesn't need an "i"! I was going bonkers over here trying to think of relevant words without that letter! Not sure how I missed "rogue" since I've played so many over the years. LOL!

aquariann said...

Awesome charms!! And of course, I'm always a fan of your crocheted ears.

Meri Greenleaf said...

Oops, I missed replying to this. Thanks, Aquariann! :D

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