Friday, September 24, 2010

Art update- multi-sided dice make for fun crafting

My fiancé has started drilling me multi-sided dice, but the results are... well, wonky. He's getting better, but the first couple ones he drilled weren't quite centered and the first one chipped. I'll post a picture so you can see what I mean:
First drilled dice

The three bluish ones came out usable, though. Well, so did the red, I suppose, but since the point over the two chipped off, I figured it would be best to keep that one for myself.

Here's what I did with it- a cleric keychain:
Cleric D&D Keychain

I don't like red, but that's the color of my cleric's religious order (well, "clerics'" since I technically have two), so it worked out. The feather ties in because their holy symbol is a feather-in-amber. I actually wanted it to say "Messenger" but that was too long, so I just went with the shorter "Cleric".

The D4 works because that's what I roll for damage for some spells; definitely not warrior-clerics so nothing they do is particularly damaging. But if you need a fish down your pants, snakes in the peanut brittle, or a letter delivered, I'm your man... er... something like that, anyway.

Moving on, since I'm sure that's way more about my inspiration than anyone cares about, it was then time to use those other dice- with some more random results:
Dice cell phone charms!

The first has no words; it's just blue and clear with a D8 and I guess it kind of reminds me of an air elemental or something with that swirl, although I really just picked those beads because they matched the die so well.

The middle is a Bard one- that was entirely random because I had no idea what the heck to do with that color D6. I figured it was pretty and it matched shiny beads I had, so those would be good for bards since they're rather flamboyant. ;)

The back one is a Rogue one- this die looked so shadow-colored that I had to make it something thief-like, and those shiny beads remind me of gems.

I wanted to string all the dice on like that blue D8, but they weren't centered enough and everything kept twisting all funny. I guess that's okay, though; because they dangle off the rogue and bard ones, it looks like the dice are being rolled. I'll get better pictures of these later when I list them, hopefully this weekend or early next week, so look for those soon!

The geeky charm I listed this week was this Wood Elf one. It doesn't have any dice on it (it's long enough without that!) but I think it looks pretty neat:
Wood Elf cell phone charm or keychain in green and silver

This cell phone charm/keychain can be found here on Etsy and here on Artfire. (I can also switch out the cell phone strap with a split ring keychain like that cleric one above.) It should be no surprise that the first race one I made was Wood Elf, since that's my very favorite fantasy race. Wood Elves are just so much more interesting than High Elves- I mean, they get tattoos and fun clothing (still thinking of ways to include fake leather and fur on my costume), and they're a lot less stoic and bland than the other elf-types.

And while I'm sharing dice, check out the pretty set my fiancé bought me:
New dice!

Forest-colored ones! I'm a happy little elfling and can't wait to roll these for D&D. Hopefully they'll be luckier than my other sets. ;)

And since I'm sharing geeky things, look, a mace!

My best friend got it for me; it's a life-sized foam mace. I'm not really sure what I'm going to do with it (besides use it with my cleric costume, whenever I get that done), but I think it's awesome! I have to figure out how to cover that yellow bit, though. Sharpie, maybe? I was thinking acrylic paints, but those would probably peal off the foam, right?


TiLT said...

Loving the dice :) I'd imagine drilling the hole would take a few trials to get it right - they don't exactly have much room for leeway :P

And the mace rocks!

Meri Greenleaf said...

Yeah, the dice are so small that it's hard to judge where the hole goes through. And Josh hasn't even tried the *really* small dice yet.

Thanks! I love it! :D

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