Friday, September 17, 2010

Art update: Rangers, kitties, dragons, orcs, and elves

Sounds pretty random, but the title just means that it's time for another art update. ;) I've been listing and making a lot of new stuff to get my shops ready for Halloween (although I've also been doing non-costume things), so there's a wide variety this week.

Cell Phone Charms
Three new cell phone charms/keychains this week, two of which were inspired by Dungeons and Dragons.

Paladin charm:
Paladin blue and silver keychain cell phone charm

Like this earring, it was inspired by the paladin my fiancé plays in D&D whose colors are white and blue. This one sold (the same day it was listed- that was the first time that's ever happened and it had me doing the happy dance!) but I will be making more like it. :)

And a ranger charm:
Green and silver ranger cell phone charm keychain

(Yes, yes, my phone is still as old as dirt.) This one can be found here and here.

I used green stone beads (jade and aventurine) to represent a ranger's preferred wooded environment and the feather is for either the fletching on their arrows or a winged animal companion.

And I made this purple kitty charm as a random present for my friend Niere:
Purple kitty cell phone charm

I added the cat charm because I knew she likes cats, purple's her favorite color (and this charm matches her purple cell phone- cool!), and the leaf is to make it look kinda elf-y. I'm just glad there was something I could make her because she's done so much wonderful art for me over the years that I wanted to give her something in return. Well, I have plans to make her something larger, but I'm not sure when I'll have time to do that. So she'll be getting another random present at some point in the future. ;)

I found more letter beads so I'll be making more of those geeky charms, but unfortunately the new ones I found have the holes going the opposite direction, so future charms will have the words facing down rather than across. I don't like that too much, so I'll be on the lookout for beads that have holes on the sides rather than top/bottom.

Cartilage Chain Earrings
Just two of these this week- well, three, but the third was just a minor design change (ran out of small orange beads so used a bigger one on my Party Tree earring).

Skyswimmer's Wing:
Blue and silver cartilage chain earring - Skyswimmer's Wing
(Can be found here.)

I made this sort of with one of my favorite video game characters in mind (Pit, the angel from Smash Bros and Kid Icarus), but while I was thinking of a name for it I realized that it looked aquatic as well as aerial, so named it "Skyswimmer's Wing" after the song "Skyswimmer" by Enter the Haggis. (Although, in hindsight, if I was going for an EtH song, I should have just picked my favorite one and gone with "Icarus", which would have worked even better for something inspired by Pit.), sorry, broke into geeky ramblings here. Combining art, Celtic rock, video games, and mythology makes me a happy little elf girl. ;)

I also made this pair of earrings for a custom order:
Pair of Hot Pink and Black Cartilage Chain Earrings

Dragon Horns
Red and Black Dragon or Demon Horns

I made these red and black dragon horns with a fire-breathing red dragon in mind, but they're also rather demonic. And shiny. They're very shiny. ;) These can be found here and here.

Blue Dragon or Fairy Costume Horns

While making these blue horns I couldn't decide if they were more "blue dragon" or "water fae", so I guess I got the inspiration from both creatures. These are here and here.

Costume Ears
Green Orc or Goblin Costume Ears with Black Headband

I kind of have a thing for orcs (okay, so I only have crushes on two of them, but it's still weird) so I decided to make some orc ears- these can be found here and here.

And half-elf ears:
Half-Elf Costume Ears on a Brown Headband

I realized after I'd designed these goblin ears that the design would be perfect for half-elf ears were I to make them ... well, not orange. This is kind of a cross between the hobbit ears and the elf ones because they're pointer than the halfling but not as large as the elf. These can be found here and here.

I'll be wearing a pair like this to the renfaire at some point in the next month, so I'll be sure to get a picture of what they look like on a human model then. :)

And the last new thing this week are these crocheted autumn wood elf bracers:
Crocheted Autumn Wood Elf Bracers

They're kind of like these camouflage ones but for a different season. Gotta be able to blend into the forest at all seasons of the year when you're a wood elf. ;) They're here and here.

Man, I really have to start posting more often. I've been so busy lately that I end up doing a mass art dump post once a week or so instead of spacing it out. Sorry about that, guys. But hey, lots of pictures are good, right?


aquariann said...

Wow, you've been busy making really awesome things! The shiny red and black horns are my favorite. Yay for dragons!! :D

Melissa said...

I just love all of yours charms (especially mine). They're so pretty. I had a hard time getting my cellphone out of my purse last night because the charm got caught on the headphones for my Mp3 player. XD More possible presents for Niere? Niere feels spoiled. XD

Merily said...

Thanks, Aquariann! Yup, trying to stay busy. :)

Heehee, of course you like that one, Niere. ;) LOL! Smooth. Said the girl who always gets the charm on her cell phone stuck in her pocket. XD And yup, more presents- I have ideas for two of them. ;)

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