Monday, September 20, 2010

I love getting fun things in the mail!

I got a surprise letter in the mail from my friend Niere today. This had me beaming from ear-to-ear and going "Awww, she's so sweet!" then "Eep, I really need to work on that other present for her!". Apparently our friendship has morphed into "send each other random artsy surprise presents" which I'm certainly not going to complain about. ;)

Since I sent her this cell phone charm recently, that means she now had my address. Not in an "oh no, she's a crazy stalker" way, of course, but in a "hey, look at this stuff she made me!" way:

(Click to view it larger)

Bookmarks! Of her art! Of three of the characters she's drawn me! See, now you know why I'm doing the happy dance. :D That's my D&D character/writing muse Cyneric on the left, my writing character Raff (he's the one in that long story I'm writing that I can't share until November), and the girl is my art muse. Sorry for the flash reflecting- it was too blurry without it.

Now I have to think of good places to put these bookmarks. Books would be obvious, of course, but right now they're sitting on my desk so I can go "Wee!" every time I look at them. LOL! I'll probably use the Cyn one to bookmark my D&D notes, but I'll have to find equally useful places to keep Raff and Dragon-Girl.

I love Niere's art so much- I'm like her fangirl or something. XD

And another cool thing showed up today, too! One of my favorite Etsy customers has opened up a shop selling really neat cartilage earrings- you can find her at My cartilage piercings have been wonky so I wasn't able to get one for my actual ear, but I really wanted one of them anyway. Luckily, I have tons of ears to spare. ;)

I ordered one of her S-Curve earrings and stuck it on a pair of elf ears:

(Pay no attention to the crummy photo. Or the random earring at the earlobe; I haven't switched the earring I wear to the faire back on there yet.) Trust me, it looks great! When I ever get my cartilage piercings redone I'll wear it in that, but for now it's doing just great in my fake ears. Goes to show just how versatile fun earrings can be. ;)

So yeah, if you like fun earrings, check out her shop! If you're curious, I bought those ears from this Etsy shop a few years ago.


Melissa said...

Yay! You got them! Hehe. Having your address was a perfect opportunity to send you something you could actually hold and use. I'm so happy you like them. ^^

Melissa said...

And how do you know I'm NOT a crazy stalker. <.< >.> XD

Merily said...

It ate my reply. *grumble grumble* Now what was I saying?

You totally made my day (my *month* really)- I love these so much! You absolutely rock! I've been thinking of putting some sort of picture of Cyn in my D&D binder/notebook for a while, so that'll be perfect!

Bah, you'd be a nice stalker at best. I was going to say "sane stalker" but I didn't want to go that far. ;) Heck, if it means fun art, stalk me all you want. LOL!

MayonnaiseJane said...

Glad you like the earring! Thanks for the plug!!!

- Mayo

Merily said...

You're welcome, Mayo! Hopefully I helped send some business your way. ;)

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