Monday, September 13, 2010

Upcoming projects- geeky dice and an elf costume

Art update to come soon, but right now I wanted to share some things I'm super excited about- so this is a sneak peek, I guess. :)


Dice! Lots and lots of dice! (And this isn't even all of them- I left about ten with my fiancé.) I'm over here fondling all these dice because... well, I become like a dragon when I see multi-sided dice; I hoard them. These dice will not suffer the fate of my other few dozen and sit idly by in my dicebag while I (not so patiently) wait for the next D&D game. Nay, these have a greater purpose- to become art!

Yup, these are going to be bored into by my fiancé and his Drill +1 so we can attach head pins and loops to turn them into jewelry and accessories. My plan is to turn the tiny ones into earrings and use the larger ones for keychains and pendants (for chainmaille). I may be able to use the lighter big ones for earrings (like the D4s) but the larger (D12s and D20s) would probably be too heavy. I'll have to test them out and see. Because, oh darn, you mean I'll have to use the test dice for myself? ;)

I should mention that we found a really really nice gaming store in West Chester called The Games Keep. I found a whole bunch of LotR games I never knew existed and someday when I have the money, they shall be mine. Until then, Josh and I bought Munchkin to use during gaming nights with our friends when we don't play D&D, HeroQuest, or Order of the Stick. Ah, geeky games with my geeky friends.

Anyway, the store also had dice for very reasonable prices (much cheaper than the comic book store in the local mall), so assuming that I sell what I make with these dice, I'll definitely be restocking from that store. :)

Now onto other ramblings. Josh (the aforementioned fiancé in possession of a drill bit) and I hit up the craft store:

Can't really tell, but that's fluffy yarn for cat/animal ears, yarn for bracers and headbands (for my costume ears), feathers for hair things like this, beads (I found more letter beads for my geeky cell phone charms! Yay!), random blue fabric (too pretty to pass up on), and most importantly:

Fabric time!

Fabric for my Wood Elf costume! :D Josh's mom is going to teach me how to use a sewing machine (I can only handsew) so I opted to make my first costume be something easy- a tunic and short cloak.

The green fabric is lighter in color than I would have chosen (I prefer dark forest greens) but since it was a nice heavy linen, I figured that would work better than the right color in a wrong material. Wood Elves don't do fancy or ornate. I do want to trim the tunic in a leafy kind of ribbon, though.

The brown is a leather-y kind of mottled fabric and it's going to be for my cloak. Gotta be mottled so I can blend into the trees. ;)

I'm planning on adding bits of fake leather and fur to the costume, possibly hanging from my belt (along with my fox tail), possibly draped across my chest or upper arms. I also think I want to attach brown chainmaille to the sleeves and bottom of the tunic to make it look like I have armor under it, and I'm going to paint green vine "tattoos" on my face when I wear the costume; Wood Elves are pretty feral, so I'm going to go all out with that. ;) Eventually I'm also going to make a quiver and a fake bow, but that can wait.

Geeky fun times ahead!

And sort of randomly, I'm looking into doing craft shows; I was going to wait until spring, but I really need the money now. The problem is that the sites I'm using are paid ones and since I don't have paid accounts, I can't get much info. Anyone know of any shows in southeastern PA (or any good websites to look up shows on)? I'd love to get in to one sometime in October, but I don't know if I'm too late for that.

Any help you guys can give me for that would be great. :)


Athena said...

Great idea for the dice. Just wanted to say, that D20's are not too heavy for earrings, neither are D12's. I made a few pairs to wear to Cons for myself. They are really rather light.

Can't wait to see what you do with all the supplies and dice.

Merily said...

That's good to know! :D Man, I'm so excited to make this stuff!

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