Saturday, October 02, 2010

Geeky adventures with the Plurkfish

The Plurkfish is a small fabric fish who is swimming (well, via the post office) from place to place visiting the artists on; if you don't know what that is, Plurk is a social networking site like Twitter, only better (and sideways).

I was lucky enough to get a visit from the fish this week, so he's been spending the weekend having adventures and getting into mischief with me. ;) The first thing we did was go geocaching; these were just simple park-and-grab ones, but the Plurkfish enjoyed himself immensely. It turns out he's also a good luck charm!

The first cache we hit was called The Dangler, which my dad spotted right away. The Plurkfish got all nosy and wanted to see what we were doing:

But he was so nosy that I forgot to sign his name in the logs. Whoops!

He liked the caches we found that day because they were all his size. No, Plurkfish, a cache container isn't fish food:

"Where are we going next?" the fish wondered.

"Are we there yet?"

I couldn't get a picture at the next two caches without looking suspicious (we were in the middle of a parking lot), so we snuck the cache container into the car- I'm not sure if this was the 2nd or 3rd since both containers were identical (Bull's Eye and Bull's Eye - Again!).

And what's this inside the 2nd cache? Wow, Plurkfish, you really are lucky! It's a pair of dice! Green ones! (This is especially funny because my elf-sister said before we left to cache that I needed to tape dice to the fish for geeky game night later. She's psychic!)

I didn't have anything small enough to trade, so I left money in the cache pretty much equal to the price of dice. As someone who buys dice on a regular basis, I figured this was a fair trade. (I also switched out the baggie in the cache because the old one was too big.)

Then we were on to the second Bull's Eye cache, which was booby trapped with a fold up magic wand (it was like snakes in the peanut brittle- my very favorite prank- so this made me laugh!). After the wand popped out, Plurkfish wanted to try being a wizard for a while:

We reset the wand so that it would pop out for the next unsuspecting cacher... although if a muggle ever found this one and opened it, I'd love to see what happened when they were hit by a spring-loaded wand. Mwahaha! All caches should have something like this to keep the clueless away. ;)

Then off to the last cache of the day, What was it?, which neither dad, the fish, nor I can figure out the purpose of. A guardhouse, maybe?

Alas, here Plurkfish's luck ran out- we couldn't find it. It was too muddy to really look around, so dad and I will have to go back another day. The fish did have fun exploring inside, though! Me, I was creeped out by the spiders that kept escaping from the leaves inside as I poked around. *shudders*

Since it was getting dark and my friends were expecting us, I traded dad for my fiancé, and Josh and I went to hang out with my best friend Care (she's a Plurkie, too!), her guy, and her mom. I'd never met Jason before so I'm quite pleased that he got to meet both me and a fish at the same time. Hey, never claimed to be normal. ;) Here they are with Plurkfish:

Thanks for humoring me, guys. Now onto gaming! We played Munchkin and since I won two out of three games, the fish's luck was continuing.

I tried to convince the other players that Plurkfish should serve as a Henchman card and give me extra hands to hold items, but that didn't work. Probably because a fish has no hands. Heh.

That lack of hands didn't stop him from joining in a fight, though! Here he is trying to steal my fiancé's sword; bet you didn't know fish could sword fight. (Even ones who aren't swordfish, it turns out.)

I wanted to join in, but I'd left my foam mace at home. Alas! Ah well, at least the fish got to join the melee. ;)

And before we left, we got a picture of me and Care and the fish:

Darnit, sis, don't wear those boots- I like being taller than you. :-p

And that's all the adventure from Friday. I'm planning on taking the Plurkfish with me to the renfaire on Sunday (assuming I'm feeling okay), so hopefully more pictures will come soon! I'll get pictures of Josh with the fish then since I forgot to do that yesterday.


Rose Works Jewelry said...

I feel so honored! Not only was I mentioned in your blog as being psychic :P but your wearing my bracelet! It looks perfect on you :)

Meri Greenleaf said...

LOL! I forgot I was wearing the bracelet- I wear it all the time. :D Oh! And Care's mom found the anklet!

~~Sew Happy Designs~~ said...

Glad you had fun with the plurky fish, he is quite the charmer, isn't he?

Meri Greenleaf said...

He is! I'm going to be sad to send him along, but I know he has to go on other adventures. ;)

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