Monday, October 25, 2010

Had fun at the craft show this weekend. :)

I suppose I should blog a bit about my craft show that ran all weekend, huh? It was pretty fun- I talked to a lot of the artists and they were all really nice and extremely talented. There was such a wide assortment of crafts there!

Unfortunately the mall was a ghost town most of the weekend (that place is definitely going downhill rapidly), so I'm hoping the next show I do will be busier- I did make back the cost of the spot, I think, but I haven't figured out yet how much I actually made (everyone was saying how slow sales were...). But hey, at least the mall has free wifi, so I was able to use the internet on my laptop (that made taking credit cards much easier than calling them in). And, like I said, the company was good and I also got to spend the weekend with my fiancé and some friends (and even family stopped by!). :)

I'm wishing I got a picture of my tables on the last day- by then I had things arranged much more orderly. My neighbor on the right didn't show up on Sunday, so that gave me slightly more room to spread out, so I was able to put up a clothing rack to hang my scarves and crochet things like that off of, making more room on the tables.

Here's what my area looked like on the second day of the show:

I love that my friends are mostly hidden behind the boards- they should have waved to the camera or something. lol! And isn't my banner neat? That was designed by my friend Smiss and the drawing of my art muse on there was done by my friend Niere (you can't really see it, but that's a black kitty on the bottom left of the banner).

My jewelry table was really the only one I kept the same all weekend:

Well, I moved the elf ears on the second day, but once again forgot to get later pictures.

For the next show I do around Halloween (next year), I'm going to get a second mannequin head because this one was too covered in accessories. I'm also going to make animal ears next year- people were looking for those, but I'd already sold online the few pairs of cat ears I'd had made.

For the shows next month, I want to make more chainmaille (who knew people would like that so much!) and more cell phone charms/keychains (those seemed to do fairly well because they're inexpensive, so even the young preteens can afford them), and I'd like to put more chainmaille up on my websites this week (haven't had a chance to do that yet). I also need to tag the cartilage earrings with what they are- there's a sign in from of the smaller purple mesh board, but that one was hard to see, so I had to keep explaining what they were (and pointing to the one I was wearing). I think I would have sold more (I mean, it was a mall- gothy people abound) if they'd known what they were to start. Ah well, lesson learned.

Overall, it was a good experience and I'm looking forward to doing more shows next month. There are three I'm going to look into, but I have to decide which ones to go with.

Silly me forgot to get a business card from the nice lady who was my show neighbor (I think my fiancé did, though- I'll edit this post later if he finds it), but I'll give a shout-out to the people I did remember to get cards from: Surfer Girl Hanging 10, The Heart Room,, and Noble Lion Leather. Everyone should go check out those links. ;)


aquariann said...

Your booth and banner look marvelous! Glad you had fun. :D

Melissa said...

Your booth looks really nice. Glad you had a good time. Sucks that the mall wasn't that busy though. I can understand why so much interest was shown in your chainmaille stuff. I love all your chainmaille accessories. So pretty!

My goodness. That picture of mine is bigger than I imagined it'd be. XD

Meri Greenleaf said...

Thanks, guys! :D

I know the economy is down and the mall is doing pretty pathetic itself, but I was hoping for more people coming past. Luckily my stuff did appeal to the younger crowd, which was good for a mall. :) Aww, and thanks for the compliment, Niere! I think people liked the chainmaille because it's pretty gothic.

LOL! I was hoping someone would ask "Hey, what's with the red-haired elf" so I could brag about it being drawn by a friend, but no one mentioned it. Alas!

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