Monday, October 11, 2010

Ramblings about my first craft show

I know I said I'd be taking a vacation from blogging, but I wanted to post about the show I did this weekend and ideas I have for my displays for later this month. I did this outdoor show with a friend (thanks, Mary!) so I was able to be under a tent and have more tables than just the ones I brought- which was good because now I know my stuff will take up about four and still leave me needing a clothes rack or something to hang my bags and scarves off of.

Here's our booth/tent area thing:

Hi, Care! Anyway, everything was mine except the one table on the close right with the pretty jewelry and busts- those shinies were Mary's. :)

And looking at the photo, there's something I need to make sure I can hang up- my dreadfalls (the purple things above Care). I'm going to make a couple more pairs of these since I only have two finished and put them up high somewhere in my spot. Not really sure how, though, since my next show is indoors so there won't be a tent to hang them off of. Hmm...

Next up, my jewelry table:

I ordered a fancy 4'x 2' banner that I'll hopefully get in time for my next show and it'll go on the back table, not the side like where I put this one. (I also have another leaf garland [in green] to use that I didn't put out.)

Here's closeups:

I'm loving the tree branches- that was an idea one of my Plurk friends had, but I can't remember who had it. Thanks, whoever it was! :D Josh notched the ones in the vases so my hemp stuff doesn't slide off of them, and I'm using a thick branch to hold my stretchy maille bracelets. I need to make one more (or so) of those black displays, though, since I'll have a few more pieces of maille made for my next show and I've run out of room on those boards.

For my next show, assuming that I get more geek stuff done (need more dice drilled), I'm going to have a table (or most of a table) devoted to geek crafts with a sign saying something like "Geeky dice jewelry and keychains" attached to it. Some of the cell phone charms in these photos will be moved to that table, making more room for my hemp jewelry so it's not all bunched on the branches like that.

I also ordered more ear cuffs so more of my cartilage earrings will have cuffs on them instead of pierced posts (I do have a sign there saying I can switch them to cuffs, though).

Here's a lesson I learned- you need heavier displays for outdoors. The foam boards covered in black fabric will work great indoors, but I had to take them down for the outdoor show when they kept blowing over. Even the bottle of tea in that last picture couldn't hold the display up in the wind.

Moving on, here's Care again (hi, again!) and my ears/horns/dreadfalls section:

I'd like to make another pair of ears or two and some more different shaped horns to fill out the table more, and I'm also going to be getting at least one more mannequin head. (Later that day I put one of the pairs of red horns on the mannequin as well as the ears.)

Now my crocheted stuff:

Can you say jumbled mess? Yeah, this is why I want to get the scarves and bags (well, at least the two large purses) off the table and onto a rack.

And my dolls... Death stayed up for a bit but the wind kept knocking him off his pole. My goal for my dolls is to make stands for them out of thick wire so they can stand on their own and make plexiglass boxes to display the ones that aren't for sale (the ones I've made myself and friends). I figure displaying my other dolls will give people a good idea of the types I can make for custom orders and keeping them apart in a large box (or several smaller boxes) would show that they aren't for sale.

The problem is that this will be very expensive to build (and even more expensive to buy- some of my dolls are a foot tall), so I think for my next show I may just have to settle for putting the six I have for sale on stands so they're standing and print out photos of the other ones I've made and glue them to one of those large poster boards that stand up. This won't be nearly as eye-catching but at least it'll give people an idea that hey, I can do custom orders for my dolls.

I'd also like to make a small plexiglass box to house my runestones under because otherwise I have no idea how I'm going to display those without some of the little runes getting knocked off the table or lost. Luckily I don't need anything large for this one so it would be cheaper to make/buy.

To summarize:
The show was basically a bust (I sold all of two things), so I don't know if I'll do flea market shows again; people go there looking for deals, and my stuff is really too high-end for that (or, rather, takes too long to make so I can't charge a pittance). But hey, I got to spend time with friends on a beautiful day and now I know what I want to do with my table for future shows.

Now I just have to finish more maille, ears and some horns, and maybe another dragon scarf. Oh, and all that geeky stuff I want to sell. Yup, I'm going to be busy. ;)


Melissa said...

I like your set up. Man, if I lived in your area and had money, I would've bought something from you. Alas, I live nowhere near you and am broke. Even if you didn't sell much, it seems like it was a good experience. Hope you have more luck with future shows. *nod*

Meri Greenleaf said...

Thanks- I'm liking the jewelry and ears part, but definitely need to work on the crochet setup.

lol! How helpful. ;) Yeah, at least now I know how to set up the table and what people were admiring and stuff like that. :) And thanks! I could definitely use the luck. ;)

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