Tuesday, November 16, 2010

And another craft show

Just a quick post about the craft show I did this past weekend. The show was pretty much a bust... no, let me rephrase that: it was very much a bust. Not too many visitors and the ones who did weren't anything like my target market (mostly older people and mothers with young children showed up). I probably won't be doing this one again, since no one seemed to do well and there was a fee to get into the show (visitors, I mean. Obviously the crafters had to pay for their spots). This stinks, though, because it was held at my old college, so I liked the location. Ah, well.

I changed my tables around later in the day (moved the rack with the crocheted scarves and things to the other side of the jewelry table later, for one thing), but this is what they looked like early in the day:

Say hi to Josh. ;) The pretty jewelry on the left table is by my friend Mary.

And there's Josh again. We had some tablecloth issues (left mine in the car and didn't realize it) so I was borrowing Mary's. Luckily hers was also green. :)

And here's the jewelry table after I moved things a bit:

I'll give you guys a peek at what I've been making over the past two weeks- lots of chainmaille. The photos are crummy (I used my old camera I take geocaching- I'm lucky when I can get the lens to open and always end up with a few blank pictures, lol), but it'll give you an idea.


The orange and black I made ages ago and the top right one and the leafy one on the left I made for the show last month. The other ones are all new.


Hey, look, an even blurrier photo. Whoops. With the exception of the green one on the hand, these are all new, too.

Once I get a sunny day, I'll get individual photos of these and start listing them in my shops. Look for that soon! I'm also do an art update post, huh? My art muse has been pretty scarce lately, but I have been working on a few things.

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