Friday, November 26, 2010

Art update- Cartilage earrings, chainmaille, and bracers

And here's the last part of creative catch-up posts for the week. Jewelry time!

Cartilage Chain Earrings
Blue, purple and silver dragon cartilage chain earrings Pair of black and silver cartilage chain earrings
Blue and Black Key Cartilage Chain Earring Woods of Lothlorien - Leaf Cartilage Chain Earring

The first two were custom orders for pairs- I really love the dragons and colors in the first pair, but the fact that the second pair got so many posts made my ear-piercing-obsessed self happy. ;)

The third is probably my favorite of the batch, though. I made that for a custom order, as well, but love the color combination and key. I think I'll have to start using key charms more often for earrings; they're just the right size.

The fourth is one for my shops and was inspired by Lord of the Rings- in this case, Lothlorien. The woods of Lothlorien always appear golden because of the leaves of the mallorn trees, so I used yellows in this earring along with the green, silver, and brown. You can find this one in my shops here on Etsy and here on Artfire.

I've been working on a LOT of chainmaille for craft shows this month. You can see a peek of some of them in this post, but here's another peek:
Stretchy maille bracelets- sneak peek

Stretchy chainmaille bracelets! These are fun to make because I can do them in lots of colors (got more stretchy rings this week- now I have even more colors to work with!) and they're so comfy! I have one that I wear every day. :)

Here's the first I listed in my shops:
Stretchy Red and Black Chainmaille Bracelet
Red and Black Rubber Chainmaille Bracelet

That's here on Etsy and here on Artfire. The black rings are rubber, so this can stretch to fit many different size wrists.

And I've also been doing a bunch of handflowers/slave bracelets. Here's the first of those that I got listed:
Green and Black Handflower

This is a very simple one with no embellishments, but I liked this one plain so didn't add charms or anything. It has a a silver-plated chain that loops around the middle finger and clasps with a lobster clasp. I really don't like lobster clasps on bracelets, but otherwise it would be hard to get these the correct size for people without them being able to try it on first, you know?

This is here and here.

Random Jewelry
Bracelets for my other mom

I made these bracelets for my fiancé's mom for her birthday last month. I learned that I'm terrible at working with regular beading wire and crimp beads, but after one disaster (the beads went flying), I think I figured out how to use it. LOL! I love when simple art things baffle me.

These are all beads I took apart from thrift store and handmedown jewelry- I wanted to use new beads, but all of mine are gaudy and looked silly on a regular bracelet (I buy beads for earrings and chainmaille drops, really), so these were the best options. The one bracelet has a lobster clasp and the other has a toggle clasp.

Random other stuff
I also made these crocheted dark green and brown bracers recently. They're arm accessories, so they count in a jewelry post, right? ;)
Dark Green Elven Bracers with Brown Lacing

These can be found here and here. (And this reminds me- I still have a brown pair to finish.)

And I think I'm finally caught up now (or at least close to it). Remind me not to go so long without doing an art update! These three posts this week span back about a month and a half. Eep!

(And don't forget my 15% off Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale running this weekend! For more info, see this post.)

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