Monday, November 22, 2010

Art update- my muses seem to not be getting along again...

It seems as though my writing muse has kicked my art muse out of my head. Perhaps he thought she needed a vacation? I've been doing a lot of writing lately but not so much art. Well, not so much creative art. I'm working on a doll, so that's sort of creative, but otherwise... nope, just duplicating things that have sold and making custom orders for people in their preferences.

This is nice, I suppose, but Dragon-Girl? Come back, please. Stop partying with my friend's muse and get back to work! My writing muse promises he'll be good and let you inspire me, too. Don't you, Cyn? *glares at him* (See, this is what my creative process is like on a regular basis: trying to get my muses to work together when one is bossy and the other is flighty and neither like me telling them what to do. *grumble grumble*)

While I try to get these imps under control (oh, stop laughing at me, muses!), I'll share some of what I've been working on for... geez, the last month and a half? How'd I fall so far behind with these posts? Makes it look like my art muse has been working and not slacking off...

I'll start with the more geeky-type art and save the jewelry and writing updates for later this week.

These were a custom order:
Copper and black dragon horns

The clay and powders just did not want to work with me on these; I couldn't get the horns to be the right colors, so these were my second or third try. Who knew clay could be so rebellious and not want to play nice with powders?

And these are in my shops:
Silver Dragon Horns with Black Spirals Orange and Black Halloween Dragon Horns

-Silver and Black Dragon Horns: Artfire and Etsy
(These were inspired by one of the dragons in the D&D game I play, of course!)
-Orange and Black Dragon Horns: Artfire and Etsy
(These are a bit different because I didn't use the powders or glitter.)

I actually have a few more pairs of horns made up but not photographed, so I'll share those in a later post.

Geeky cell phone charms and keychains
I haven't shared these here yet, right? (I only posted the wizard and paladin ones, I think? Geez, these huge gaps between art updates has me all sorts of discombobulated.) Anyway, I've been on a geeky kick lately- not that I'm not usually on one of those- and have been making a bunch of cell phone charms and keychains for my fellow geeks.

First, two word ones- Rogue and Bard:
Rogue in the Shadows - Dice Cell Phone Charm

The dark colors of this cell phone charm represent the shadows and the shiny beads are for the gems rogues and thieves loot. See? Roguish. ;) This "Rogue in the Shadows" die cell phone charm is now hiding in my shops here and here.

Bard Blues - Dice Cell Phone Charm or Keychain

This "Bard Blues" cell phone charm can be found here and here. I chose to use "Bard" to go with this particular die because of all the classes, Bards would most admire pretty colors and this die is very pretty (it's a mottled green/blue/tan). Half the fun of making these is that I get to pick out pretty dice! :D

And here are two that are just dice and no words.
Fire Dragon Dice Keychain:
Fire Dragon - Dice Keychain in Red and Black

I really like how this one came out and love that the die matches some beads that I already had. I added the dragon charm because the reds and blacks reminds me of lava, and hence a fire-breathing dragon. This is in my shops here and here.

And the last geeky charm (for now!) is this Water Elemental cell phone charm:
Water Elemental D8 Cell Phone Charm

This one can be found here and here.

If you guys are wondering, I can switch out the cell phone charms with the keychains and vice versa, or even add a lobster clasp should someone want it as a zipper pull. These are multi-use. Heck, my best friend hangs one from her wallet chain at her belt.

And I have them titled as "dice" instead of "die" because I have a feeling it's more relevant for searches, even if it is incorrect since there's only one die on each of them. I hate using incorrect grammar.

And that wraps it up for this post. The next two creative updates will be posted soon. :)


Rose Works Jewelry said...

Great stuff Meri!

Meri Greenleaf said...

Thanks, Ruthie! I love getting to work with dice. :D One of these days I'm going to make them into pendants for chainmaille, too. :)

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