Monday, November 22, 2010

Gotta love when my writing muse takes over

Had to split my creative posts into three this week, so I apologize that the subjects are all over the place. The jewelry update will come next, if you're curious. This one is mostly so I can keep track of what I've been working on.

Writing time!
Yup, as you can tell from all the dice in my art update yesterday (er... early this morning, I suppose), I've been on a geeky kick lately.

This has fed into my writing, too. Here's what I've worked on lately:
-My D&D game. Or: Meri tries to come up with fun (and possibly mischievous) things to do to the Player Characters
I've finally figured out what to do with the characters after they get past the area they're in. The dwarves, kobold, and human probably won't be too happy. The gnome will feel much better, though.

-Random ideas for later D&D things. Or: Mwahahaha!
Yup, more picking on the characters. In this case, the short ones (which is all but two. How the heck did I end up with a D&D game where most of the PCs are under 5 feet tall?). You'll either be very lucky or very unlucky. I haven't decided which yet. ;)

-My next short story... possibly
Been writing down ideas about my reluctant elven wizard. I have plans to turn this into my next short story, but I have to figure out where in her backstory I want to start (getting a centaur as a sibling? Giant fire? Chaotic magic? So many ideas!).

-Plot bunnies, ahoy!
One of my writing characters gave me a 714 word entry for his journal today, but this may never see the light of day; it really depends on if the DM triggers a certain thing happening (can my cleric please get his friggin' mail?). And if I'm mean enough to have said character post something that would be terribly embarrassing for him if the other game characters were to find out. Why yes, I think I am that mean. I'm getting tired of this character being so withdrawn, pretentious and aloof when that's not even his actual personality.

-Long story for the Fantasy Big Bang challenge: completed!
I blogged about that a week or so ago, but since I'll be adding chapters over on my writing blog every few days, I figured I should mention that I've posted the 1st chapter today (here's the link to the prologue). It's comedic fantasy, so it's amusing. :)

And since the artist I was paired with gave me a convenient banner to use, why don't I use that, too? ;)
And, yes, I'm STILL drooling over the art for that banner. Hey, character art is like my favorite thing ever.
(Hint hint to my fiancé. Add that to the hint hint that my character wants his beloved mail added into the game, please. The downside of handing over control of one of my characters and my plotline to someone else...)


Rose Works Jewelry said...

Yay! You mentioned problems for everyone but me! Woohoo! And I want to read that post for Cyneric - send it to me? *bats eyelashes*

Amethina said...

I really love the look and feel of your blog. Found my way here from your latest twitter post and I'm glad I did!

Meri Greenleaf said...

By the way, I love that you know what character I meant, Ruthie. LOL!

Thanks, Amethina!

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