Friday, November 12, 2010

Time for another craft show!

Sorry I haven't been blogging much lately- been really stressed out and trying to get orders done and things made for a whole bunch of craft shows I'm doing this month. Busy Meri is busy.

Speaking off, if you live near Delaware County, PA, stop by the craft show this Sunday at the Penn State Delco campus in Media. (I can't bring myself to call it "Penn State Brandywine". I just can't. That's my beloved alma mater and it feels too weird to call it something else.) There's going to be a lot of artists selling their wares, so it'll be fun! There's more info about the show here.

And I wanted to link to an awesome geeky blog that interviewed me yesterday. Girl geeks? What could be better! :D Thanks for featuring me!

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Brandi said...

Break a leg, Meri!!

P.S. You've been tagged:

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