Saturday, November 13, 2010

Writing time! (Or: huzzah for comedic fantasy)

(The banner art was drawn by Artmetica on livejournal- the artist I was paired with for the challenge. You can find the full version of the cover art here. There's also a mix/cd thing that goes along with the story- you can find that here.)

Remember that really long story I've been working on for months for a writing challenge? I'm finally done it and, since it's the 13th, that means I was allowed to start sharing it (had to wait until my posting date rolled around). It's so long, though, that I'm splitting the posts into bite-sized chapters and will be posting a bit more every few days over on my writing blog.

Part 1 (the info about the story and the prologue) is up now- check it out here.

I worked very hard on this story and I'm proud of it; I'm sure it's not perfect, but it made my beta readers laugh, so I must have done something right. (Yay, comedic fantasy!) So if you have a chance, please check it out. I seem to have hit an amusement factor, if nothing else. ;)

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