Tuesday, January 18, 2011

2010 Art in Review

My friend Niere did this recently, and since it looked like fun, I figured I'd make an art summary post, too. I tried to switch things up- like I made cartilage earrings all through the year, so only put one on a month where I didn't make anything fancier. I'm kind of amused by how you can sorta tell when the pictures were taken by a) how bright and clear they are or b) how green the background is. Bah on the winter months having crummy light.

So without further ado, rambling about the particular months. I linked to WIP pictures whenever I had them uploaded; otherwise, the links go to the finished thing. I know I made other things, but these were the ones I could remember.

2010 Summary of Art

January- I made a dragon scarf for a crochet-along. I've since made a black one, too. :) I think I also might have made my first wolf/cat ears that month, and worked on my first doll of the year- one of the Henry Hatsworth characters. (Hey, I love making these, so I'm happy someone keeps requesting them!) Since I used one of those dolls in that chart later, I went with the scarf.

February- I didn't actually make a lot this month; if I remember right, that's when I was having a lot of muscle pain. Pretty much all I made this month were a few simple chainmaille things, a set of runestones, and I designed these faun/centaur ears.

March- Even less than February. Mostly just some earrings and these dreadfalls.

April- Aha, back into the game! Worked on lots of hemp jewelry and horns. These ones were definitely my favorites. Also started sketching out little things for story updates on my writing blog and a sketch of that character.

May- Was still working on hemp jewelry (that seems to be a spring craft, I guess), started sketching out a design for my wood elf costume, and yeah, more cartilage earrings.

June- Time for more plushies! This elf princess was a custom order. I also made some Mario mushrooms in there and a pair of Henry Hatsworth dolls.

July- Yay, it's Heathen D Pistolwhip, everyone's favorite kobold salesman from my fiancé's neglected webcomic. Apparently these two months were plushie time. Also worked on some hemp jewely, I think.

August- Lots of dragon horns and costume ears- guess I was getting ready for Halloween? Also made my first (and so far only) pair of clay cat ears for a friend.

September- When I started making geeky keychains/charms and playing with dice for them. Yay, geeky things! This was also where I finally had a chance to start my elf costume (you can sorta see it in this blog post)- sewed a cloak and tunic with only a little bit of help from my fiancé's mom. Pretty good when I'd never made a costume before! :) Also crocheted a camera case for my mom and crocheted some bracers.

October- A LOT of chainmaille to get ready for craft shows, some hair feathers, and some last minute horns since it was close to halloween.

November- Yet more chainmaille, dice keychains, and worked on dragon horns for a custom order, but also worked on another Henry Hatsworth doll. I didn't finish this until December (that cake was time-consuming!) but the doll itself was worked on for most of this month, so I'll count that in there.

December- Present making time! Lots of things this month- a scarf, a hat, large plushie dice, D&D things for friends, some random jewelry, Mario fireflower and mushroom, and two dolls that were presents for friends. This elf girl doll was probably my favorite thing that I made this month, though; apparently cuteness beats the geekiness of crocheted D20s. ;)

I realize after doing this that I could have kept much better track of when I made things by taking pictures of all the WIPs and posting that to flickr; months I did that were so much easier to find! Gotta remember that idea for this year.

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