Thursday, January 13, 2011

Art Update - Video game characters make such fun plushies!

Time for another plushie update. What? I've been making a lot of dolls recently. ;) This time around I'm sharing another custom ordered doll from the Henry Hatsworth video game, in this case, Lady D. I apologize in advance for the crumminess of these two photos; I had to snap the pictures at night and during the winter, so the lighting was obviously terrible.

Lady D (Henry Hatsworth) plushie

And yes, she comes with a giant cake:
Lady D (Henry Hatsworth) plushie with cake

The Lady D doll is about 10" tall, so that puts the cake into perspective. She's almost entirely crocheted (made up the pattern as I went along) with wire and a pipecleaner making up the handle and top of her umbrella, a felt necklace/top of dress, a fabric mesh veil, and feathers and felt flowers on her hat.

The cake is made from cardboard storage boxes (so it fits inside itself), fabric, felt, pompoms, fabric paint, and button skulls.

This took a long time to make, even with the help of my fiancé and his mom. That cake was quite difficult; this was something like the 3rd or 4th design idea we came up with, and I still wasn't able to get it to be 100% like the one in the game. In comparison, the doll was much easier- by this point I can pretty much visualize and put into crochet any doll shape. (Although making this Lady D doll made me want to start crocheting centaurs since she's got that wide butt going on, lol!)

I still haven't finished this game yet (not surprising- I can count on one hand [and still have fingers left over] the number of video games I've finished. I have the attention span of a stunned goldfish), so I haven't actually gotten to this character while playing it. I worked off of art and screencaps of the game to make the doll and cake.

This fits into the series of dolls I made earlier- Henry, Lance, Cole and Weasleby, and the captain and his nurse.

I love the fact that I've been able to make a series of dolls because it means they're all in the same place now:

When I saw this picture, I did a little happy dance. I mean, lookit! They're so cute together! :D

Expect another plushie update in the near future- I'm currently working on dolls for two of my friends and those should be finished soon. Assuming clay musical instruments stop falling off their straps and crazy spiky hair obeys what I need it to do, anyway. And after that one of my friends has a whole series of dolls (including a spaceship- that'll really put my plushie-designing skills to the test!) she wants me to make her. I'm super excited about this! I'll share more about this when I get to working on the first one, but I promise that it'll be quite geeky and quite awesome (the theme, I mean. Can't promise my dolls will be awesome, but I'll try!).


c said...

Love your creations. What a great doll and to make the cake with it is superb. You do such amazing work.

Meri Greenleaf said...

Aww, thank you! I have a lot of fun making dolls, and this cake was definitely an interesting challenge. :)

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