Monday, January 03, 2011

Geeky presents are the best kind of presents

Since almost all my friends and family have gotten these gifts, I think I can finally share them. As happens every year, almost everything ended up being geeky. ;)

Hands down, these are my favorite of the bunch:
Giant D20s!

Giant twenty-sided dice! These are huge- larger than a grapefruit, but I didn't measure them so you'll have to wait until I make the next three for an actual measurement. These are crocheted and the numbers are painted on in fabric paint. It's hard to see the numbers on the green one, though. I wanted to do the paint in copper, but didn't have enough with me so had to go with black. Ah well, my best friend loves green and black, so it's fine. :)

This was kind of a pattern, kind of not. I originally got a pattern off Ravelry, but didn't like the way the triangles were shaped, so ended up doing my own thing. This means that eventually I'll be selling multi-sided crocheted dice in my shops. ;) The trick will be figuring out the D10 and D12 shapes...

And this was the other half of the presents for those friends:
D&D keychains and necklace

A bunch of geeky keychains using their favorite colors. My friends play a ranger, pirate, mage, and rogue. I would have put "pirate" on that second one, but that friend already has one of my keychains with that word, so I went with her rank instead (I would have used "Cap'n" to irk her, but alas, no apostrophes were available). They each have a matching 20-sided dice (my fiancé drills those) and a pewter dragon charm. The dragon charm has double meaning, both for involving Dungeons and Dragons and because our characters are the champions of a silver dragon.

My friend who plays the ranger got a bonus present because she'd said before how she wanted a necklace with her class on it. :) That one I made the colors of a ranger rather than her favorite blues.

And continuing the geeky theme...
More Mario things

Yup, it's a requirement that every year I make at least one Mario Bros-themed thing. This fireflower and mini mushroom were presents for my friend's son. This is the 2nd fireflower and around the 5th mushroom I've made. :) I'm not 100% happy with how the box came out but I was too lazy (okay, I was running out of time to finish all these presents) to try putting cardboard in it to make it more square. Still, it's cute!

And now to the less geeky things...
Hat for my mom

Made this hat for my mom- I'm really happy with it. This is the first time making a hat where I either didn't have to frog it a gazillion times or have it end up way too large or two small. Yay! I'll definitely be using this pattern again. :)

Christmas jewelry

And some jewelry; the earrings were a gift for my grandmother (you can see a slightly better picture here), the blue bracelet was for my fiancé, the pink one for my sister, and the one on the right was for a friend. The anklet was also for my sister- that girl loves anklets!

I also made a black scarf for my fiancé's dad for Christmas but didn't have a chance to get a picture before wrapping it. I'm telling you, I was working crazy last minute to get these things done. I finished the scarf early Christmas eve and got the green D20 done that night (and that's why the photos are so terrible- had to snap them at night before wrapping everything). And I'm still not done presents; still have two dolls to finish, two dice to start, and some jewelry. Next year I am definitely starting earlier, but then again, I say that every year. I think last minute present-making scramble has become a tradition.


Teri Landow said...

Those are TOTALLY cute! You are so wonderfully talented!

Athena said...


I may ask you to make me some of those crocheted dice. They'd be great for the Monkey to learn his numbers on and he can't swallow them LOL.

ai said...

Is the hat your own pattern? Love your crocheted dice.

Meri Greenleaf said...

Aww, thanks, guys! :D That's a really good idea, Athena- they're nice and soft, too, which would be great for a kid. :)

ai- nope, it's a pattern I found on Ravelry. It's here: and the site for it is here:

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