Thursday, January 20, 2011

Goals for the new year

I already blogged a bit about resolutions in this post, but since the current blogfire guild theme is change, I figured it should get its own post rather than get lost in that one.

I'm picking the "What do you want to see happen with your business this year" option since the other is "what you don't want to see change" and frankly, I could do with a better year. Heh.

-Do more craft shows. I started doing some in the fall of last year and had fun, so I'd like to see if I can find some throughout the year
-Keep better track of things- sales, time spent working on a project, supplies... pretty much everything. I stink at organization.
-New ideas. I like being able to change things up, but often get stuck just remaking things I've already come up with. Which is fine, but I'd like to make new things, too.
-Make more dolls and runestones. This needs its own point because I haven't made these things for my shops in a long time and am almost out of them.
-Update my blog more often. And for that matter, reply to other art blogs (my blogreader switched over to a different site and something tells me I lost a bunch I was following).
-Catch up with my street teams and guilds. I haven't been feeling too great for a while, so I've been seriously neglecting these, which I feel really guilty about.
-Try to work on something creative every day. I have a bad habit of not doing anything creative if I'm not feeling well. Definitely have to fight past that and at least work on something small or write a bit or something.
-Photograph what I'm working on. This sorta fits into that one above; I think if I keep track of what I'm making as I'm working on it, I'll be more inclined to finish it right away. If nothing else, it'll make me feel like I'm getting stuff done, even if the stuff isn't actually finished. ;)
-List something new frequently. I tend to procrastinate listing things, which certainly doesn't help my business. For all that I love writing, writing descriptions out isn't very fun. Maybe I should try to turn those into stories, too. Hmmm...
-Finish those projects I have half done. Okay, this isn't "business" since it's mostly stuff for my friends and some for myself, but it'll be nice to make a dent in that pile.

So yeah, a long list, but I'm going to try. Heck, I have all year to get into the swing of this so even if I just start with a few, that'll be something. :)

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