Saturday, January 01, 2011

Starting the new year with lots of fantasy plushies

First of all I wanted to wish everyone a belated happy holidays and a great new year. :) I apologize that I haven't been updating this blog in... well, friggin' forever; I've been really busy with custom orders and making presents and just didn't have the energy to blog (here's to hoping this year my health will improve).

I suppose I should have some resolutions, huh?
-Blog more often (especially here. My writing blog has been getting more love)
-Work on new things this year (I have so many new things I want to try!)
-Finish all those projects I have half done (my poor best friend has so many delayed presents...)
-Try to work on something creative every day (writing or art)
-List something new frequently (a few times a week)

Today I'm going to share some of the dolls I've been working on since that'll help with that first resolution. ;) I've got three finished, four in the works, and another two queued up, so I'll start with the ones I have pictures for and post the rest when I'm back on my other computer where I have the photos saved.

First up is the doll I made my friend Niere for Christmas- this is her main character/art muse
Elf girl doll

This one was fun to make mostly because it was an elf (I love making elves and fantasy plushies) and partly because Niere's an artist, so she had a convenient character sketch that I worked off of. It makes it a lot easier to make specific dolls when I have art or some sort of image to base it on, let me tell ya! And it's kind of more fun, too, because I like trying to make dolls look as close to their art as I can. :)

This doll is mostly crocheted and about 6" tall (like all these dolls). Her pouch is felt and there's fabric and acrylic paints as the corset lacing, necklace, and face things.

Next up is the fairy I made for one of my Plurk friends for a secret santa swap:
Fairy doll

It's kinda hard to see, but I painted swirls and dots in green and blue on the dress and wings, and she has a matching painted jewelry. I'm not 100% happy with the eyes, though. For some reason I had a lot of trouble getting these eyes centered (had to frog the doll twice to pull them back out) and I finally got them centered, but they're slightly too close together, which I noticed way too late to fix.

And now for some amusement:
SwampFox has lost his mind.

This is the silliness that happens when you make an outfit for a doll, then are too lazy to actually find said doll. LOL! This dress and wings are actually another outfit for my autumn fairy/witch doll (it was a gift for my friend's daughter), but since that doll was hiding deep in a box somewhere, I grabbed the most convenient plushie of the same size to test it out on.

Unfortunately, the nearest plushie was SwampFox, my orc. I guess he's working an extra job as the tooth fairy in his spare time. ;)

And the last doll I'm going to share today is one that's only half done. This is Raff, my current writing character:
Raff doll - sneak peek

He doesn't look like much yet, so I'll share this again when I get more work done on him. Here's one of those times where yarn colors let me down; I had to use this really really pale tan (almost white) because the next color up was too dark. Yarn companies really need to give me "half-elf skintone" because I'm not happy with how light complexioned he came out. Still, it was easier than trying to locate the "kobold fuzzy orange" I need for a later doll, so that's something. LOL!

And look, clay things!
Pile of uncooked clay things for dolls

This was before those things were baked and painted, so you'll see them finished when I put them on the three dolls they belong to.

Look for another art update early next week. :)


Rose Works Jewelry said...

I love 'em! I can't wait to see mine done :)

Melissa said...

Yay! Dolls! They're all quite lovely. Of course, I'm partial to Niere but that's just because she's mine. Also, she would beat me if I didn't say she was my favorite. Muses can be so cruel sometimes... D: OH! Plus I just remembered something I was going to say about the doll. I love that you went detailed enough to include her wedding ring. When I first saw it, I thought it was just some stray paint, but then I realized, "Oh hey! That's her ring. Cool!"

I know what you mean by art references too. Whenever I do commissions (and freebies) on Gaia, if it's an OC, I usually ask for reference pictures of some sort. I am not good at working off description at all. And I feel bad if I get something totally wrong. Not that I don't appreciate descriptions. They help as well. Sorry rambling. XD

The orc doll in the dress still cracks me up. And as I said before, your Raff doll looks like it's coming along quite nicely. Can't wait to see it finished.

Meri Greenleaf said...

Thanks, Ruthie! I'll be sharing that next week because I'll have her done the same time I finish Raff. :)

Niere- Thanks! :D lol! Those egotistical muses, but of course you like yours best. ;) Honestly, that was one of my favorite dolls I've made so far- she's got the combination of long hair (easier to do than short), being an elf, and wearing cute fantasy clothes. And yup! I try to include as much little detail as I can- I really wanted to add her hair clips, too, but couldn't figure out how to get those to work. I love getting the little details; I'm actually going back and touching up my Cyn doll to include his jewelry and weapons that I added to his character design/inventory after I made the doll. I'll post a picture of that soon, too.

Exactly- having a reference image is more helpful than a description, even if the description is detailed. I'm working on a doll for Ruthie now (hence her reply) and she gave me a description, but she also had made herself a gaia avatar, so that gave me a little something extra to work off of. :)

I feel so bad for my orc. XD Thanks! I'm really liking the Raff doll, even factoring in that the doll's skin is a bit too light. I still have to figure out how to give him a black wig, though. Don't think it'll work because a plushie's hair is so thick that it would be next to impossible to hide it under other hair. Maybe I could attach the black yarn to a hat or something...

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