Monday, February 07, 2011

Art update- Ear cuffs, geeky charms, gloves...

Random assortment of randomness time. ;) Here is the mishmash of art I've been working on lately:

Cartilage Earrings:
Asian Zen - Cartilage Ear Cuff Green and Silver Snake Ear Cuff - Slithering Serpent

I recently started making simple ear cuffs that are like some of my chain ones, only without the chain. What can I say, I love making earrings. :) "Asian Zen" can be found here on Etsy and here on Artfire, while "Slithering Serpent" (yup, that's a subtle Harry Potter reference) is here and here.

And this pair of earrings was a custom order for someone who liked that Asian Zen one, but wanted the cartilage chain:
Chain earrings - Jade and Coin

Yay, custom orders! I love getting to make those. :D

Geeky Charms:
Forest of a Druid - cell phone charm

This druid cell phone charm (I can switch it to a keychain, too!) was actually finished months ago, but I forgot about it. Whoops? That's here on Etsy and here on Artfire. I'll be making more D&D-inspired keychains and charms soon. :)

And here's the keychain that snuck into the picture with my embroidered fox in the last art update:
Geeky dice and name keychain

One good thing about my fiancé still drilling some dice wonkily- I get to use the reject dice for myself. Since I don't really want to sell something where the dice has a chip missing or a crack in it and the like, ya know?

I'm taking part in the guild challenges over on the Discworld group on Ravelry (joined up with the Guild of Librarians- yay, books!), and the first challenge was to make winter gear that's sappy. I decided on fingerless gloves/mittens since I'd wanted to make them for a while. :)

Finished gloves 2

Finished gloves 1

The right one is on the small side (I crochet too tightly- I'm too used to making dolls, I guess), but I loosened up my crochet and the left fits better. I also had to add rows since the mitten parts were a bit short, so now they have odd knobs at the end. Ah well, they'll keep my hands warm, which is the important part. :)

Oh, and to fit the sappiness part of the theme, I painted silver hearts onto the backs of them. I wanted to embroider those, but the yarn kept eating the embroidery thread.

Art in Progress:
And here are some random projects that are in the works- earrings and embroidery. Here's one of the embroidery things I'm working on:
Bag of holding WIP

This'll be a Bag of Holding. Right now I'm just hoping for "bag" and not holding my breath on "holding". ;) This is my second try at embroidery (my first with words), and I'm going to try to sew it into a dice bag. (I also want to try tea staining it to make it darker.)

And here's a pile of charms that will be ear cuffs at some point soon:
Earring charms - WIP

I'll get better pictures once they're actually earrings.

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