Sunday, February 27, 2011

Art update- hair jewelry and a dragon

Here's more art that I've been working on lately; these are the things that aren't earrings (those were in my last art update) and not embroidery (that'll be the next post). I do make non-ear-related things sometimes. I swear!

Hair thing:
Green hair jewelry - longer

Green hair jewelry - longer

Not really sure what to call this so "hair thing" works. And... er... it was inspired by earrings (can't get away from those, can I?). I had someone ask me if I could make an earring like this much longer (this is about 8 1/2") and able to attach somehow to a braid. After much thought, I realized I could make the beaded part like I do my long keychains, and instead of attaching a large split ring loop at the top, stick an elastic hair tie to the smaller loop. It seems to work. :)

I likely won't sell this on a regular basis, though, because they use up more beads than I can justify having in my stash. I just can't afford to have a lot of each kind of bead, so usually just get them in small amounts for earrings. Luckily this customer wanted green, which I did have a bunch of.

Oh, and here's the prototype I made first to determine if the idea would even work. This one I'm keeping for myself because, hey, green!
Green hair jewelry - shorter

Green hair jewelry - shorter

This one is only about 5" long. After getting the pictures, I did change it around some- I switched out the top two coins with ones without holes. I didn't have a lot of holey ones left and didn't want to waste those on something for myself (the hole ones are cuter so I'd prefer to sell things with those). Hopefully my hair won't eat this because I have really unruly, curly hair and it likes to eat things that get anywhere near it. ;)

Dragon time!
Silver Dragon 1 Silver Dragon 2

This was a slightly-late Valentine's present for my fiancé, who usually gets a geeky plushie for a gift. ;) One of his main NPCs in his D&D game is a silver dragon, so I figured that would be the perfect surprise gift for him. (Although he had a guess since I was looking for silver yarn. Darnit, I stink at sneaky. Or maybe he's just psychic. Either one! Although he did also guess "gargoyle", so maybe I'll have to make one of those someday.)

I made this dragon a few years ago, but this time around I used thinner yarn and a smaller hook- not a good idea. This took me so long to do and I had some trouble with the smaller stitches (the hook wouldn't fit), especially on the wings. But it came out cute, so it was worth it.

Beige hat for my grandmother

My grandmother loved the two hats I made my mom recently, and asked me to make her one in beige to match her coat. I used really soft yarn and she loves it! :D I think my sister wants a hat like this, too, so I'm sure I'll be making yet another one again soon.

I'll blog again soon with the embroidery I've been working on. Yay, craft ADD! ;)


roseworksjewelry said...

Yay! I had seen all but the hat - but I always enjoy your blogs :D

Meri Greenleaf said...

Thanks, Ruthie! Yeah, I tend to share on FB and Plurk after finishing something, then blog about it later. :)

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