Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Art update- lots of cartilage earrings and cuffs

Been working on a lot of random art again- cartilage earrings, ear cuffs, embroidery, crochet, clay... I've also had the honor of making a lot of custom orders recently, so that always makes me happy! :)

It's been a while since my last art update, so once again I'll split it into two posts and share just the earrings now.

Cartilage Chain Earrings:
Green, Gold and Black Snake Cartilage Chain Earrings Blue and Black Moon Cartilage Chain Ear Cuff

These two were custom orders. The one customer wanted the Snake of a Gorgon earring with four posts on the one and two on a matching lobe earring. The other earring was for someone who wanted blue and black with a moon charm.

I love how excited people get about these earrings and I have so much fun making them custom. I think it's neat that people ask for different colors and charms and have all sorts of different piercings. Makes things interesting!

Purple Flower Cartilage Chain Earring

This purple flower earring is a regular one I have listed- Etsy and Artfire.

Cartilage Ear Cuffs:
Black and Gold Cartilage Ear Cuff - Lucky Ladybird
Lucky Ladybird Ear Cuff - Artfire

Thanks to my plurk friends for the name- I had no idea ladybugs were also called ladybirds. I made this to be kind of scarab-looking, but it's a ladybug, not the correct kind of beetle for that.

Blue and Silver Feather Ear Cuff
Blue and Silver Feather Ear Cuff - Etsy and Artfire

Yup, another earring that has a feather on it. I guess I have a thing for feathers?

Pirate Treasure - Cartilage Ear Cuff
Pirate Treasure Ear Cuff - Etsy and Artfire

The pirate one is definitely my favorite- I've found large gem-shaped beads in blue and green so I'll be making cuffs in those colors, too.

I've been wondering for a while what to do with these beads and they're really lighter than you'd think. My other plan for them is to do something Zelda-related with them since they look like rupees, but haven't come up with a good idea for that yet.

Okay, that's all for now, I think. I'll share my other new art in the next update.

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