Wednesday, February 16, 2011

'Tis the week for love

This week's Blogfire guild theme is love. The only problem with that is ... well, anyone who knows me knows that I'm about as far from sappy and romantic as you can get. I'd rather play video games than go out to a romantic dinner. I'd take D&D over a sappy movie any day (although I'd take D&D over most things, so that's no contest). And while I do like flowers (as an Elfling, it's a requirement that I like plants), I've never liked chocolate or getting dressed up, and I don't drool over jewelry (unless it's something unique handmade, of course). I'm just not feminine, and that's very much an understatement.

But I'll be sappy here: I absolutely love and adore my fiancé. Josh has been one of my best friends for nine years, we've been together for eight, and engaged for... er... three? four? At this point I'm losing track; I just know he's always there and will always be there, and that's what's important. :) He's entirely supportive of me and my art, he takes care of me while I fight through health problems, he talks geeky things with me (I think we're due for another Tempest debate, love), doesn't mind dressing in costumes, and he always knows how to make me laugh. I am utterly thankful to have him as a best friend and love. I honestly wouldn't know what to do without him- he's such an important part of my life. The downside of not being saccharine: I probably don't tell him all this nearly often enough because he's the romantic one and is better at saying this kind of thing. So, Josh: I love you. Always.

We celebrated Valentine's Day with sushi and cracking up over the Rifftrax of the first Pirates of the Caribbean movie, and we kept calling it Poopy Suit Day instead of Valentine's (that's an MST3k reference, speaking of the Rifftrax guys). Our love is geeky, silly love. ;)

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TiLT said...

Awesome! Sounds wonderful to me :)

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