Sunday, March 27, 2011

Art Update- Chainmaille jewelry and ear cuffs

Er... I kinda sorta wrote this post up over a week ago and then kinda sorta forgot all about it. Hi, yes, I do have the memory of a goldfish. Who are you again? Jewelry? Oh, right, wanted to share that. But where's my castle and little scuba-diving man? Who set up this fish bowl, anyway? Ooo, shiny thing!

Custom Set:
This was a set I made for a custom order- she wanted two different styles of cartilage chain earrings, a chainmaille handflower, and a stretchy maille bracelet all in pink and black and with butterflies as a theme.

First, the regular cartilage chain earrings:
Pink and Black Butterfly Cartilage Chain Earrings

A double chain with a cartilage cuff for the one ear and a plain lobe dangle for the other, with cute butterflies.

Here are the other earrings:
Pink and black large cartilage chain earrings

These are definitely different and the first time I used large chainmaille jump rings for earrings. She wanted these with long chains, so they're even longer than the other ones, and I used bigger butterfly beads. I'm not sure if I'll make more like this in the future or not, but I think they came out pretty neat. Large rings work for pink and black- very 80s.

Here is the stretchy chainmaille bracelet:
Pink and Black Stretchy Chainmaille Bracelet

The pink rings are the same as on that last earring and the black ones are rubber.

And here's the handflower/slave bracelet:
Pink and Black Butterfly Chainmaille Handflower

I really liked this one- it's cute!

Cartilage Ear Cuffs
Have some new ear cuffs in my shops, like always. What can I say, I have a thing for earrings. ;)
Flight of the Pegasus - Blue and Silver Cartilage Ear Cuff
Flight of the Pegasus - Blue and Silver Ear Cuff on Etsy and Artfire

(Here I tried to use beads in colors that represent the sky and clouds, the domain of the Pegasus.)

Red and Black Pirate Cartilage Ear Cuff - Jolly Roger
Jolly Roger - Red and Black Pirate Ear Cuff on Etsy and Artfire

(I always associate red and black with pirates, although that's probably because my pirate renfaire costume is those colors. ... actually, I should probably make one of these to go with that, huh?)

Blue, Green and Silver Cartilage Ear Cuff - Water Goddess
Water Goddess - Blue and Green Ear Cuff on Etsy and Artfire

(I think I may make an ear cuff with a goddess representing each of the elements, but I'm running low on goddess charms so that'll have to wait a bit.)

Art in Progress
Also kinda sorta forgot to share these stretchy bracelets in my last art update- made these for my craft show this weekend, too. :)
Chainmaille bracelets - lots!

I love that my arms are small enough that normal people-sized bracelets can go all the way up my arm to make a sleeve. I'm not really hobbit-sized, I swear! ;)

I'm running really low on pink jump rings (as in I have about ten left) so I have to reorder those soon. Can't do much with ten jump rings; even my earrings needed more than that, I think. Just about all I can do with ten jump rings is lose them under my desk. Every time I go to vacuum I find about a dozen stray jump rings that I've shot across the room that week. So far I haven't hit the cat, but I'm sure she'll become an inadvertent target at some point. She'll get tummy rubs, though, so don't worry about her. ;)

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