Monday, March 14, 2011

Art Update- Dice! Keychains! Yes, I'm a geek. ;)

I promise myself that I'm going to keep my blog updated frequently, then I have yet another Crummy Health Week and don't feel up to posting. The horribly plummeted view counts to my blog this year can attest to that. Darnit, google. Can't you magically pick up my blog content? *puppy eyes*

Yeah yeah, alas. Now to get on with some of the art I've been working on. ;)

Today I'm rambling about: Geeky Keychains
I made these first three for friends. This one was for someone who has a tendency towards playing Chaotic D&D characters:
Red and Black Chaotic Die Keychain

I figured a dragon is a good thing to put on a D&D keychain. Rawr.

These two were for two of my friends in my D&D game- one loves purple, the other's color of choice is orange:
Purple and Blue Die Keychain Orange and Red Die Keychain

These were made with Wonky Dice- that's what I call the dice that cracked, exploded, chipped, or otherwise met a strange end. I figured since these keychains are for friends, it wouldn't matter if I used those cracked dice; if they break, I'll just remake them. I just hate the idea of wasting dice. I love all dice, regardless of rollability. ;)

This is one I was experimenting with. I think I'm going to redo it and see if I can get the loops better. Here it is:
Cleric keychain

This one is yet another cleric keychain (what? That's my default class) and the colors I used represent Holy Water (blues and clears). The sun is for Apollo, one of the Good deities in my D&D world (and my second favorite D&D deity; hey, we clerics of the two remaining Greek deities have to stick together, what with all those upstart clerics of new gods). ;)

It looks good laying flat, but when looked at from a different angle, you can see how off-center the loops are:
Cleric keychain - dangling

This is because I used much thicker wire, so I wasn't sure exactly how (or where) to twist over the wire. I'm experimenting with thicker wire in the hope that it'll make the keychains sturdier, but this is a new snag in the keychain-making process. I really should learn how to wirewrap, but I've been having problems learning that (it frustrates me. Greatly). And I doubt it would work for this thick wire. So I'll just keep experimenting. The thinner wire/headpins work fine for the shorter keychains with just dice, but it's the longer worded ones I worry about. I'm afraid they might snap.

And in this sneak peek picture, you can see all the dicey things I've been working on- three of these will be going into my shops, so you'll get better pictures of them later:
Geeky keychains- sneak peek

I'll try to post again soon with the other things I've been working on. :)

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