Monday, March 07, 2011

Art Update- Doesn't everyone embroider cartoon elves?

I've been working on a LOT of embroidery lately and since my friend got the surprise I made for her, it's time to share!

First, the two finished and framed ones:
Framed embroideries

A fairy and cartoon Legolas. The fairy is normal for me, but cartoon Legolas? Well, one of my friends and I are part of a group of people who have "crushes" on Bakshi Legolas and I was looking for a way to test this new kind of art where if I messed up, it wouldn't be something I wanted to sell. Bingo! The perfect combination- I mean, who wouldn't want to try embroidering this wonky elf for a gift? And I figured if I screwed up the design, no one would notice because he already looks wonky. ;)

Here's a closeup of the finished cartoon Legsy:
Bakshi Legolas embroidery

I printed out a screencap of good ol' Bakshi Legolas, traced over the outline in dark ink, then put the picture and fabric up to the window so I could trace it. That worked pretty well. (First I tried carbon paper stuff which has worked before, but apparently not on this kind of fabric.)

After embroidering it, I painted a small wood embroidery hoop with acrylic and sealed with mod podge, then used this tutorial to frame it. The back of this looks nice, so this is definitely the way I'm going to do this from now on, even though it was much more time consuming than the way I did the back of the fairy. (That one looks a mess and you can see the extra fabric through it.)

Here's the fairy; I still have to give that a ribbon to hang from:
Fairy Embroidery

The hoop of the fairy I did a bit differently- I varnished it with the wood floor polish I use for clay. This took more coats, but it's less tacky, so I think this'll be the way I'll do them. The pattern for this one came from

Oh, and my beloved elf? Already has a good home in my friend's Bakshi Legolas shrine. Hey, we never claimed to be normal. ;) ...and I'm betting that anyone searching "Bakshi Legolas" is now going to find this post. Although why anyone would search that is beyond me. But hello, fellow BL lovers!

Moving on, as much as I'd love to talk about the Wonky Elf all day, here's another one I've been working on:
Embroidery WIP - Dragon and fairy

This picture was taken a while ago- obviously, since the fairy is now done- but I wanted to share the dragon since that's still in my WIP bin. Perhaps it'll become a dice bag.

And while I'm sharing photos, here's what it looked like as I was painting the frames:
Work area 1

And here are two more that I have colored and ironed (ironing the crayon melts the wax into the fabric), but haven't started embroidering yet:
Embroidery WIP - Colored fox and fairy

Yup, yet another fairy and fox. Fantasy creatures and foxes are some of my favorite things, so I'll probably end up making more of these, too. ;)

I think now that I know what I'm doing (er... mostly), I'm going to start selling my embroidery. Hopefully I'll have some done by my craft show at the end of the month.

I also want to have my fiancé draw me out designs that I can embroider- he's an artist and is really good at drawing fantasy things, so I think this would be perfect. And maybe it'll get him to actually draw because he hasn't in a while. *prods Josh*


Walk in the Woods said...

Looks like you've been having fun!

Melissa said...

All hail Bakshi Legolas! XD *loves the new addition to her shrine*

I like the fairy. It's pretty. *nod*

Meri Greenleaf said...

That I have! I love making things. :D

LOL! Yes, all hail BL! Our cross-eyed leader! XD And thanks, Niere! :D

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