Friday, March 18, 2011

Art Update - Geocaching in Middle Earth? Why not. ;)

My dad's birthday was Wednesday and my fiancé and I were rather baffled about what to give him. We're both broke, but we're also both artists, so generally we make things for gifts, but after having made dad both a drawing and a sculpture of Smaug, the Greatest of Calamities, we were baffled as to what to make him this year. Obviously it had to be something LotR, since my dad is as obsessed with that as we are, but what?

Then Josh had the idea to burn cds of the comedic LotR parody by Martin Pearson- I'm not entirely sure where he found this online, so as soon as I find the link, I'll let you know. This is absolutely hilarious, so it's worth checking out!

Josh took it a step further, though- he decided to draw cover art for the cds. I've been trying to get him to draw stuff for ages, so I'm really glad he did this! He based it off an Aerosmith album cover, which is about normal for Josh. ;) Here's what he came up with:

He did a color reversal for the second disc (so it's white on black). How cool is that?

He even doodled one of his goblins (from his neglected webcomic) on the wrapping paper. This is Blarf, hence "Happy Blarfday".

I was on card duty- I always make dad a geeky card for holidays and this time decided to combine his love of LotR with his love of geocaching. This is what I did for the front of the card; I also saved the file so if he wants it printed out or whatnot again, I can. :)

I'm not sure if that's his exact GPS, but it's close. This took me quite a while to edit, but I think it came out neat. I know I'd geocache in Middle Earth. (Aptly enough, we're talking about placing some LotR-themed geocaches, but are still trying to come up with ideas.)

I realized I probably should have edited the direction when I edited out the coordinates into saying "The Shire" since I guess this means dad would be just north of Rohan and heading towards the Shire (placing that NW and not NE). But I'm directionally challenged, so no wonder I forgot. (That and I didn't bother changing the distance for much the same reason, lol.) As soon as dad saw it he went, "Hey, I know where that is!" so it worked. ;) He loved what we made for him, so that was a relief! I hope he likes the cds- I image he'll probably play them in the car while he's driving to geocaches, so this all ties together, huh?

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