Friday, March 25, 2011

Art Update - Getting ready for a craft show this weekend with lots of color!

This week I've been getting ready for my first craft show of the year, braving blisters on my hands from crocheting hemp cord and headaches from new glasses. But I've prevailed! Or at least I now have lots of random things made, which is what counts, right? ;)

First, craft show info: I'll be at the Granite Run Mall in Media, PA on the 26th and 27th. It runs the entire mall hours, so if you'd like to check out awesome handmade stuff and you live near Delaware County, Pennsylvania (suburb of Philadelphia), stop by! I did this show last fall and there were great, talented artists there. :)

Not going to ramble too much today as my eyes still haven't adjusted, but I'd like to share pictures of the art I made this week in preparation for the show and to restock my online shops. The photos aren't too great as I took them quickly and at night. Sorry about that!

First, lots of cartilage chain earrings and ear cuffs:
Lots and lots of cartilage earrings!

These fall under "restocking" since I don't generally sell cartilage earrings at craft shows and needed to remake sold ones for my shops (a few of those are new designs, though). This year I'm making lots of simple cuffs, however, so we'll see if those work at shows.

(Pssst! And speaking of cartilage earrings and ear cuffs, don't forget that I'm giving one away this week!)

Sneak peek - lots of ear cuffs and charms

And look, ear cuffs. ;) Those are my newest ones, as well as a bunch of cell phone charms and keychains. These have double purpose: whatever charms/keychains I'm left with after this weekend will be turned into ear cuffs. Some are too long for that, but most will work.

I really love those spiky beads! They're like funky slugs or something.

Sneak peek - beaded hemp bracelets and necklaces

And this pile is why I've had blisters on my fingertips; I haven't crocheted hemp cord in a while, so my fingers were quite unhappy that I demanded they make this many things. The top row are bracelets and the bottom are necklaces. Some of these are remakes of things I'd done before, but about half are new. Really tempted to commandeer the green and blue dice bracelet.

Sneak peek - Chainmaille jewelry

And here's the last group of jewelry from the week: lots of chainmaille (a necklace, an anklet and a bunch of handflowers/slave bracelets) and one lone hemp necklace. (That one was finished a day later than the rest of the hemp and I felt bad not including it in a photo. Poor lonely necklace just wanted to be loved.) Anyway, some of the handflowers I'd made months ago but only put the beaded parts on now.

So I think I might have enough for my show now- yay! Today's to-do list involves putting ear cuffs onto some of my chain earrings, putting earrings onto cards and tagging everything. My fiancé is coming over tonight, so you can bet I'll make him help me with this. Poor Josh always gets stuck with the tedious work. Mwahahaha.

...looking back on this post, it's like a color explosion. Looks like my art muse has finally let me work in colors besides her preferred green. Awesome!


Rose Works Jewelry said...

It does look like a color explosion! And I'm very impressed with all you've created in the last week :D

Meri Greenleaf said...

I do love color! :D Aww, thanks, Ruthie! I've been working the art muse like crazy.

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