Monday, March 28, 2011

Yay for a weekend with friends! (Unfortunately the craft show wasn't too successful.)

Had another craft show that ran all weekend. The good news is that I got to spend the weekend with friends. The bad news is that the show didn't go all that well. More on that below.

Photo time! I took some pictures of my tables, which is probably a boring subject, but hey, lots of colors! If there's one thing I do, it's make things that are colorful. ;)

Here was my setup on Saturday:

Had the scarves and blanket and bags together, the jewelry on one table, then everything else on my other two tables. There's my fiancé Josh and my friend Mary- say hi to them! (Mary and I tag-team craft shows, which is great because we can watch each other's stuff. And it's nice having lots of friends around to keep you company! We even got a game of Munchkin in on Sunday.)

Here are my miscellaneous tables:

Whoops, just realized that my goddess doll is floating in the middle of my dreadfalls. Guess that was when I was moving things around, lol.

Here's a closeup of the first table:

And here's the table with the rest of my crochet and my keychains/charms:

Sunday I changed things around. I didn't put out the elf ears (only the pair the mannequin wore) because that's really just a waste of space as they're a good online item, but not for shows. (Am planning on making animal ears, though, for shows.) Also moved the keychains over in front of the ear cuffs, scooted the dolls to the end of the third table and moved the hemp jewelry over to the second table (those were hiding my ear cuffs Saturday).

Unfortunately my camera was acting stupid so only managed to get one picture, and that one isn't particularly clear:

Josh and my friend Jason are caught unawares in this photo. Oh! And I wanted to mention my amusement that my mannequin head was scaring small children all weekend. Mwahaha!

Now to ramble about the weekend:
The mall it was held at isn't very great- at least half of the stores are now closed, so there just aren't that many visitors. :( I did a show there last fall and did a lot better, but there were a lot more crafters/artists selling then and more stores were open, too. But the good thing about stores closing- I managed to snag a mannequin torso for free! So I'll be using that for shows, as well as to photograph my necklaces on.

Luckily I had two incredibly awesome customers this weekend. On Saturday a really cool girl came by with her mom and we talked about fantasy; she's really into it and is coming up with her own races and stuff. It was neat! I love to see creativity and fantasy-loving in kids. :D She bought me out of dragons, too, which means that they're now in a good home. If you look closely at the one photo above, you can see two dragon scarves on the rack- a green and a black. The black dragon now lives with this girl (who my friends and I have affectionately been referring to as "Dragon Girl"- trust me, that's a compliment!), as does my just-finished red dragon embroidery.

...which I just realized I haven't shared yet! Finished framing all of these on Friday:
Embroidery time! A fox, a dragon and a kitty

I painted each of the hoops they're framed in (yellow for the dragon and black for the other two) then varnished them. The dragon is hanging from a red ribbon and the others from black. The backs are all nicely finished- the backs look much like how I did this one.

The dragon and kitty are just embroidered, but the fox I melted wax (okay, crayon) to color it in. I think the cat is in a 4" hoop, the dragon in a 5" and the fox is in a 6". I'll be listing the fox and cat in my shop at some point, so you'll see better pictures of those soon. :)

Anyway, rambling about customers. Also had a girl about my age stop by on Saturday to chat; she's into industrial and conventions and stuff, and- get this- not only was she the only person EVER at a show to know what my dreadfalls were, she makes them, too! I got some tips from her that I'm going to see if I can get to work at some point. I love meeting awesome people like this!

On Sunday I had a really nice lady stop by who then proceeded to buy me out of celtic knots. LOL! She was really sweet, too, and talked with her for a while. Yay, friendly people! But then I had someone looking for stuff with trees- can you believe that I only had one tree? Yeah, I was confused, too! I ran out of tree charms recently and that's why, but any other time I could probably point out a dozen things with trees on them.

Oh, and have to give a shout-out to Amanda of The Heart Room- I met her at this show last year and it was cool getting to chat with her again. :) I think we were the only ones there from last year- guess we're gluttons for punishment, or possibly were the only ones optimistic enough to sign up again. LOL!


Rose Works Jewelry said...

I'm in love with that dragon! Oh my goodness!

Meri Greenleaf said...

Thanks, Ruthie! :D I'm working on a green one now. I really love that design, so I'll be making a bunch. That red one already has a new home. :D

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