Friday, April 15, 2011

Art Update- Here be dragons. Err... not that I don't usually have dragons here, of course.

Time for some fantasy things! Alas, these dragons haven't been able to scare the headache goblins away. Maybe next week- here's hoping! What other use is having all these large monsters around, hmm? ;)

Here's that green dragon I blogged about last week. He's done now, but I still have to frame him. I'll do that when I have another one or two embroideries finished.
Green dragon embroidery - sneak peek 2

She's not a dragon, but this is the one I'm currently working on in between headaches:
Purple fairy embroidery - Sneak peek

Yup, another fairy. :) This one is colored in using that melted crayon wax method. I'm well in touch with my inner-six year old and she loves all this crayon business.

But look! Dragons have taken over my ear cuffs. Er.. again.
This first one was a custom order that I liked so much that I immediately made a second one. Yay, inspirational customers!
Black, Red and Silver Cartilage Chain Ear Cuff - Fireball of the Dragon
"Fireball of the Dragon" Cartilage Chain Ear Cuff - Etsy and Artfire

And this one is just a regularly inspired earring, in this case I tried to use beads that looked like a dragon's eye, or possibly dragon fire. I made a pun off of those with the name "Ire". (Except that since I'm a huge Discworld fan, every time I say "pun" I want to add "A pune or a play on words".)
Red and Silver Dragon Cartilage Ear Cuff - Draconic Ire
"Draconic Ire" Red and Silver Ear Cuff - Etsy and Artfire

And while it's not actually a dragon, Dungeons and Dragons fits this theme, right? In that case, look, a thing with a D12:
Girl Gamer - Dice Keychain

This is here on Artfire and here on Etsy
As a girl gamer, had to make something pretty with this purple and blue die, so turned it into a keychain. Had some trouble photographing it, though; the colors are actually a bit darker.

I'm still amused by the fact that my D&D group is mainly female... actually, all three of my D&D groups are mainly female, now that I think about it; there's a total of about three males combined. Girl gamers are more prevalent than one might think.

And speaking of dice, my fiancé just got a new hand drill, so hopefully I'll be able to make more of these soon. Alas, I haven't been to the gaming store in months for new dice! Woe!


Carey Lynn said...

mommy, where do dragons come from? LOL
love the green dragon:)

Meri Greenleaf said...

LOL! Dragons come from my crafting area, apparently. ;)


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