Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Art Update - Too many ear cuffs and half a dragon

Well, so much for trying to get blog posts written every day last week. Can I blame my wonky sense of time? No? Ah well, I'll try harder this week. ;)

I had a craft show this past weekend, but I forgot my camera and it was a bust anyway, so not going to get into that. (Let's just say cold weather and lack of advertising meant very very few visitors.) I'll be doing more this spring, though, so I'll be sure to ramble about those. :)

But time to share some art! Yay, pictures!

First up, a blue and silver stretchy chainmaille bracelet:
Denim blue and silver rubber chainmaille bracelet

One of my friends snatched this up on Artfire, but it's still in my Etsy shop since I can remake it. :) Err... and pardon the goosebumps on my arm in the photo. It was about 40 degrees outside when I was taking these photos. Spring, where are you?

I've got about a gazillion of these made up, so eventually they'll make their way into my shop. If you want a specific color, I probably have it made. I'll have to get a picture of the branch I display these on at craft shows to show you guys just how bracelet-making-crazy I was last month.

Earrings and Ear Cuffs:
Skyswimmer's Wing - Pair of Cartilage Chain Earrings

This one was a custom order. I love getting to experiment with lots of earring posts and chains and stuff. :)

Red Rose Cartilage Ear Cuff
"Red Rose - Cartilage Chain Ear Cuff in Red and Silver" on Etsy and Artfire

Silver and Purple Butterfly Cartilage Ear Cuff
"Flutterby Ball - Butterfly Cartilage Ear Cuff in Purple and Silver" on Etsy and Artfire

Blue, green and silver cartilage ear cuffs - Dancing Dolphin
"Dancing Dolphin - Cartilage Ear Cuff in Blue, Green and Silver" on Etsy and Artfire

Art in progress:
This is my current embroidery project- a green dragon on black fabric:
Green dragon embroidery - sneak peek

The green is actually darker than it looks. I'm planning on doing the rest in a lighter green. The fabric is really thin, though, so next time I'm going to have to put it on something thicker. Also the white pencil keeps rubbing out, which is a pain. Not sure if that's from the fabric being thin or my hand, but I have to keep retracing it. Ah well, no big deal. :) (Although the lines vanishing did give me problems with his front feet. Hopefully it'll look okay when finished!)

That's enough ramblings for now. Tune in next time for more artsy ramblings. :)

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