Monday, May 23, 2011

Art Update - Embroidered some trees and created octarine

Recently I finished embroidering a set of trees:
Tree embroidery - sneak peek

While working on this I discovered a complete lack of grey thread. I have about a gazillion of those little skeins (is that what they're called?) but my stash came up greyless and light pink, brown or yellow rocks would have just looked silly or like the trees belonged in some sort of chocolate factory. So off to the craft store I went (oh darn).

I had some trouble tracing out this design; it kept shifting on the window, so it's not quite as even as it should be. I love that middle tree, though! I still have to wash this to get out the pencil marks then iron and frame it. I'll do that when I finish the next embroidery because they're easier to frame in batches (meaning I hate pulling out the old, awkward ironing board that's older than I am).

The other reason I had to hit the craft store? My red dyes dried up into some sort of gel consistency and wouldn't work on my yarn. Which is weird because the purple and sky blue did the same thing and those work fine. Must be whatever sugar goes into the reds. Burgundy and Christmas Red now reacquired, I'll try using those next time.

I did get a neat result with the orange/red yarn I dyed, but it came out more "pumpkin" than the "fire" I'd intended:
Yarn 5/6

The other colors are:
-Emerald/sea green/blueish-purple (this one really looks off in the photo- it's much more green)
-leafy greens with red specks (was going for green and brown, but the green ate all the brown, leaving just red spots like berries. Next time I'll do the green first, then add the brown)
-Octarine (was going for black, ended up with a weird purple with green spots- the green is much more obvious in person. Decided it's octarine, the color of magic because "ugly purple mess" isn't as poetic. Now I'm thinking of geeky Discworld dreadfalls I can make with this)
-sky blue/purple (these were old dyes, too, but they worked fine)

And since I can't have yarn out without the cat sauntering over to claim it...
Clara with my yarn

Say "hi" to Clara, my resident yarn-tester and purring machine.

The problem with embroidery and most art right now? I can't see it well and I keep getting headaches. :( Turns out I need bifocals, which confused and rather irked me at first because I'm 27! But the eye doctor says it's a focusing thing, not an age thing (and when he told me he had bifocals at 26, that made me feel better!), and doing such closeup work constantly for years means I can't focus correctly anymore.

So I'll be picking up those new glasses in two weeks, but until then not a lot of art is going to be worked on- or at least not a lot of detailed, close-up stuff. Spinning yarn is fine, since I'm not really looking at it. Crochet may be fine, too, since I don't really look closely at that, either. And this'll be the perfect time for making more horns and dreadfalls, I guess! But chainmaille, earrings and embroidery are going to have to wait a bit. And what sucks? I can't read much, either, and looking at text on the computer screen gives me a headache, too. :( Bad, when I have a 10k word story that needs to be 80% done by June 15th and between the headaches and a respiratory infection, all I have so far is an outline. *flails!*

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