Thursday, May 12, 2011

Art Update - Seasonally confused with chainmaille while learning to wire wrap

My art muse seems convinced that it's fall and not spring, so I'm thinking she must have been vacationing in the southern hemisphere. I mean, why else would I be making orange and black in May? ;)

Orange and Black Butterfly Cartilage Ear Cuff
"Monarch in Flight" Orange and Black Butterfly Ear Cuff - Etsy and Artfire

In this case, orange and black worked this time of year because it's the color of a monarch butterfly. (Although now I'm picturing my fiancé doing his awesome The Monarch impersonation and calling for henchmen... The perks of dating a comedian-type.)

Orange and Black Stretchy Maille Bracelet
Black and Orange Rubber Chainmaille Bracelet - Etsy and Artfire

And this one was made for a reason, too- the same reason I made this one:

Red, White and Blue Rubber Chainmaille Bracelet

Red, White and Blue Rubber Chainmaille Bracelet - Etsy and Artfire

At craft shows I frequently had people mention that I should make bracelets in colors of local sports teams, so these represent the Phillies (the only team and sport I'm at all interested in) and the Flyers (my fiancé really likes them). Or, ya know, just American colors and Halloween colors.

I've been working on these bracelets a lot:
Chainmaille stretchy bracelets 4/28 - sneak peek

I really want to keep that purple one on the end- it came out neat! I just love when a day's work of chainmaille turns into a sleeve. It's a new fashion statement! Or I just have freakishly tiny arms so they fit to my elbow. Either one. ;)

And speaking of chainmaille, made a bunch of handflowers this week to get ready for craft shows this weekend:
Handflowers 5/12 - Sneak peek

The purple has butterflies, the black has stars, the green and brown has leaves, the green and silver is Celtic and the red has flowers.

And that random round pendant thing in the middle?
First tries at wire wrapping stones

Yup, trying to learn how how to wire wrap- this is the only one that came out decent enough to not take apart. I definitely need a lot more practice and some better wire; this was too thin but the next thickness I had was crappy plastic coated kinds and the step up from that was way too thick.

Going to keep trying, though, since I have a bunch of semiprecious stones that I'd like to wrap and string on ribbon cords for craft shows.

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