Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Elfsisters' Art Adventures, Week 1

Hooray, it's the first week of the Elfsisters' Art Adventures! As Ruthie announced over on her blog, May's drawing/painting challenge theme is "Celtic". As I haven't actually drawn anything for our challenge yet, I'll blog about the second half of the adventures: the Wreck This Journal.

Wreck This Journal- New
My WTJ when it first arrived.

I'd gotten my WTJ a few years ago but only did a few pages then. Why? It was fun, but it wasn't as much fun when I was only doing it by myself, so put it aside until I could convince one of my friends to get one, too. Now, something like two years later, I finally have some companionship on this quest- Ruthie, the other Elfsister, and Josh, my fiancé. (And anyone else who wants to join us, of course! You can join this week's link list at the bottom of Ruthie's blog post here.)

To find out what pages we'll be doing this week (and sharing next Wednesday), visit Ruthie's blog post here.

Since Ruthie just got hers and Josh is still waiting on his, I'm just going to share the pages I've already worked on ages ago and next week we'll all blog about the first page. I'm not too worried about the fact that I have a few pages "finished"- I'll just add to them when our adventures takes us to those pages.

I'll share the pages I've already fiddled with.

My favorite so far, the "Burn this page" page:
WTJ- Burn this page (post burn)

"Add your own page numbers" page:
WTJ- page number page

"Spill your coffee here" page:
WTJ- Tea page

"Scratch using a sharp object":
WTJ- scratch page

"Cover this page with white things":
WTJ- white things page (still in progress)

The "Draw on the spine" page:
WTJ- side of book
(Kinda wishing I'd held off on this one- now the colors I prefer are different than when I first got the book. Would have used more blues and less black now.)

"Trace the things in your bag" page:
WTJ- trace things in bag page
(Some of the things I carry now are a bit different, so may actually insert a page in here with the new stuff I carry using a different piece of paper.)


Curious about our challenge? Want to know more? Check out this blog post I wrote the other day explaining our adventures. Basically each month Ruthie and I will pick a drawing/painting theme (May is "Celtic", like I mentioned above) and each week we'll be doing a page in our Wreck This Journals. You can join us on both quests or just do one- you can play some weeks or you can play all weeks. Whatever! Just come along for the ride and have fun. ;)

You can sign up for both of this week's adventures over here on Ruthie's blog.


Rose Works Jewelry said...

I'm so excited about doing this! And I'm glad you like the banners I made - we make a great team :D

Meri Greenleaf said...

Yay, tag-teaming elfsisters! :D

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