Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Elfsisters' Art Adventures, Week 2 - Celtic Knots, Cracking Spines and Geeking Out with Colors

Time for week two of the Elfsisters' Art Adventures! That means this week is actually an art update since last week was more of an intro. ;)

This weekend my fiance and I got to work on our journals and I have to say it's so much more fun doing this book with other people! I'd done some with mine a few years ago, but this is new to him and my Elfsister Ruthie. Because of that, as I flipped through Josh's pristine new book, I realized that a) my book is already looking pretty beat up and b) I have an old edition. Mine has a "burn this page" while Ruthie and Josh got something like "stomp on this page". Boo, and that burn page was fun, too!

This week our task for the WTJ was to do a few short pages: "This Book Belongs To", "Read the Instructions" and "Crack the Spine".

I'd already filled out the "This Book Belongs To" page years ago, but had to change the address (although I paintshopped that out, obviously). Since I was changing things around, I added a lot more doodles to the two pages- leaves, mostly, since that's my obsession. ;)

WTJ- Bio page

Previous I'd only had my name, the top vine and the bottom leaf on the right and just the info on the left. I'd messed up here, though- I thought the marker I grabbed was brown when I doodled the bottom left, but it turned out to be a dark red. Whoops?

WTJ- Instructions page

Now for the instructions. Since there was all that blank space on the left, I drew some of my favorite things: two foxes, my black cat (looked off of photos for these) and Celtic knots. I could have drawn the animals better had I given more effort, but ... well, this book spends a lot of time wet and on fire, so didn't want to put a lot of time into it. ;) I love Celtic knots anyway, but those were particularly because this month's theme is "Celtic"- I'll get to that in a minute. Oh, and the colors around the arrow are my favorites: green, green-blue, brown and hot pink (err.. yes, I do really like hot pink, which surprises people).

The actual instructions page is geeky, in a secret kind of way. After I colored in the first instruction, I realized "Crud, that's red!" as once again I'd grabbed red instead of a brown. So I tried again on the next one with actual greens and browns. At that point I discovered "Hey! Those colors match two of my characters!" and continued the other three instructions to match the rest of my writing characters because why not make this geeky? It is my book!

~Green and brown with a hint of red is Raff, my half-elf cleric with a ranger background (greens and brown for the woodlands, red for the color of his order and robes)
~Green with a bit of brown is Meren, my wood elf wizard; a girl so tied to trees that she's been known to talk to them.
~Red and orange with a good deal of brown is Cyneric, my human cleric. The reds and oranges are not only his favorite colors, but represent his priesthood and his pet fox. The browns here represent animal fur; this character has a strong connection to animals and he borders on druid.
~Blue spaced between browns and greens is Kryro, my centaur (no picture for him yet as he's the newest one). He's Meren's brother (don't ask), so he shares her environment, but prefers the blue of the sky peeking through the treetops to dense forest.
~Purple, sepia and silver is Aldalion, my grey elf bard. Sepia is for parchment filled with songs and spells, purple is his eye color and what he's known for being garbed in, and silver is for his hair. (And working against my better judgment totally is a rule a bard would approve of!)

I'm sure these characters will show up in this book elsewhere, but had to ramble about it now. Don't mind me, I'm just a bit of a geek. ;) But that means I got to use colors besides green and brown, so that counts as experimenting, per rule #5.

WTJ- crack the spine

The last page I did this week was "Crack the spine". Or, rather, Josh had done this in '09, but I figured it could use more cracking and redid that. And you can also tell my book isn't as new as his or Ruthie's because it already has colors seeping through from the "Add your own page number" page. I decided to just continue that mess of colors on this side in marker and colored pencil. Yay, colors! ... and by "colors" I mean "green, brown and ... hey, how did more red get in here??" By the time I'm done with the WTJ, maybe I'll like red just because it keeps showing up in my hand when I'm reaching for brown. Heh.

The other half of this week's adventure is...
Celtic Art

Yay, Celtic things! I decided to start this month's theme simple and just draw some knots:
Celtic knot sketches - Elfsisters' Art Adventures

I'd done the top two knots before (henna and painting, usually) and like the shapes, so had to add those in (I really dig things in threes for some reason). I'd like to start embroidering Celtic knots so I can definitely use the practice!

The heart one has special meaning- my sis has that tattooed and got me a silver necklace a few years ago with a design much like it until I can get a tattoo to match- so I'm going to take that design and embroider and frame it for her for a birthday present. Shhh, don't tell her. ;) I'll blog about that whenever I work on it.

That little pencil blob in the bottom right corner? That's my idea for next week's drawing, assuming I can get it to work- it'll be a lot more complicated! I'm glad these themes run for a month; that gives us plenty of time to improve.

Next week my Adventures post will be much shorter since we're only doing one WTJ page. Speaking of...


Did you join us this week?
Below is the link list/blog hop thingy. Did you do the Celtic challenge and/or the WTJ "Instructions", "bio" and "spine" pages? Just make a blog post between now and Tuesday night (the 17th) about either challenge (or both), then come back here and add your name and the link to your blog post.

Next Week's Challenge
Starting Wednesday the 18th and running until Tuesday the 24th, we'll be jumping ahead to the back of the book and sharing a new page that day. Err.. if yours was numbered, it would be page 177, but since mine's the only one that far along, ignore this fact and just count back about four from the end until you reach the "Close this journal. Write/scribble something on the edges" page. We'll still be doing the Celtic challenge since it's still May.

Ruthie has a post up on her blog now and will be adding the link list thing soon where you'll be able to drop off your blog post for the "Draw on the Edges" page and the Celtic challenge.

And don't forget- you can find our flickr group here (feel free to upload your pictures to the group pool or chat with us there!).


Rose Works Jewelry said...

Yay! I like your pages better than mine :P

Melissa said...

Ooh. Your journal looks fun! I like the Celtic knots you did as well, especially the heart one.

Dropped off the link to my blog entry like you told me to.

Meri Greenleaf said...

LOL! But your pages are so delightfully purple, Ruthie! ;)

Thanks, Niere! I'm really having fun drawing these knots- for some reason I find that really... I dunno, relaxing or something. :) And yay for dropping off your blog post- I'm glad you're joining us. :D

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