Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Elfsisters' Art Adventures, Week 3 - Adventuring with goblins and a Celtic dragon

Sorry for a lack of posts recently. The last two went missing with Blogger's outage and issues last week (fortunately someone was able to find the writing for me; I'm very very thankful for this!) and I was afraid to post anything new. But now that I was able to rewrite those posts with that help, all is good. Hooray!

Our assignment for the Wreck This Journal this week was the "Close the journal. Write/scribble something on the edges" page. This is one of the few pages I already had done from a few years ago, but wasn't happy with the colors. This is what it looked like before this week:
WTJ- side of book

(Err... minus the yarn ties, since I've lost those.) I'm not nearly as into pink and black as I was then, so decided to just add a heck of a lot more color:
WTJ - Edges of the book

That's the natural environment for my WTJ, by the way: surrounded by D&D books and my cat.

Here's the instructions for this page:
WTJ - Edges of the book (and goblins!) pages

I'd already colored in that page, so just redated it with when I recolored the edges.

But there was that full white page facing me! We can't have that, now can we? And since the opposite side of that is one of the "Sleep with the journal. Describe" pages, that means this blank page was going to stay there and wasn't likely to be removed (like the back of the compost page will be).

That means.... Goblins!
WTJ - Draw goblins page (wait, this isn't one that comes with the book?)

I'm now going to assign this page to my fiancé, since the goblins are from his webcomic, meaning he'll have to draw them in his WTJ, too. ;)

From left to right we have Igik (holding a BBQ fork and some sort of sauce- best not to ask what kind), Boss holding his dagger, Gork the ambush commander with his axe and Blarf the young (pyromaniac) shaman apprentice with a torch. I didn't draw these to scale, though- Igik should be taller and Gork and Blarf shorter- I guess they're in the foreground. Or I just need more drawing practice. ;)

I've decided that I'm going to draw as many geeky characters in my book as possible. It'll get me back into drawing and it means more geekiness. Totally planning on putting hobbits on my "collect fruit stickers here" page, or possibly the one where you smear your dinner. LOL!

Celtic Art

Here's the completion of the idea I had last week:
Celtic dragon drawing -  Elfsisters' Art Adventures

Yeah, I'm rather obsessed with dragons. Could you tell? I've never drawn a dragon from this angle before, so it's kinda wonky. Still, I'm pleased with it! It was drawn with pencil, inked with a ballpoint pen and colored with colored pencils. I took a picture of the page in my sketchbook rather than scanning it in, so the colors aren't quite right. It's a bit darker than this, I think.

Not sure what Celtic thing I'll do next week, but I'm sure it'll be geeky. Of course. ;)


Want to join the art adventure?
Ruthie and I would love to have you along on our art adventures! If you want to know more, check out out this post and if you're playing along, feel free to join our flickr group. Each week we do a different WTJ page and every month is a new drawing challenge.

This week Ruthie is going to be hosting the next WTJ page and you can find the page we'll be doing in her blog post. You'll be able to drop off your blog link there, but the site's currently not working. Check back on her blog later if you've made a blog post and want to join us. :)


Rose Works Jewelry said...

Yay! I love it :) I'll fix the linky thing tomorrow. I'm tired...

Meri Greenleaf said...

:D Sounds like a plan! I'm going to refix the original post I made explaining the challenge because I wanted to link to each week's theme.

Melissa said...

I forgot to comment on this. *slaps wrist* Bad Niere. I like the concept behind your Celtic knot. It came out really good.

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