Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Elfsisters' Art Adventures, Week 4 - It's a little known fact that cats love numbers

Time for more wreckage of my journal! (It's week 4 already?) This week our task was the "Add your own page numbers" page. This is another page I'd done years ago- here is what it looked like then:
WTJ- page number page

Ruthie and I have been teaching ourselves how to write in Elvish, so I figured this would be the perfect time to do that. I used the top outside corners and wrote in Elvish script (runes?).
WTJ - Add your own page numbers

Here's a better look at the page itself:
WTJ - A helping paw for the page numbers

Oh, whoops, sorry, there seems to be someone trying to help me with it:
WTJ - It's a little know fact that cats love numbers

Who knew cats loved numbers? Okay, really she's just an attention hog and saw that I was nearby with a camera and did her usual cute act to get kitty lovins. ;)

Anyway, I also wrote "Add your own page numbers" in Elvish. I'm not entirely sure how accurate that is, but it's close. My many elf characters are happy with the fact that I'm finally using the correct letters and are demanding that I do so more often. We'll see. I'm dyslexic enough with regular English ones!

Celtic Art

This week for our May challenge I decided to work on designs for an embroidery I want to make my sister for her birthday.
Celtic knot sketches

That heart Celtic knot is something special to us- it's a kind of sister-knot, I think, and she has it tattooed on her back. I'm going to get a matching one at some point, but until then my sis bought me a necklace with that design on it.

I realized as I was drawing it, though, that I could make it more special for my sister, hence the sketches to the side. That top, middle and meeting of the three loops looks like it spells out "Amy" (her name), and by stylizing the heart slightly, I could also get "Susan" out of it (that's my birth name). Here's a closeup of the knots:
Stylized sister knot sketches

I'm not entirely sure which of the four designs I like best, though. I think I'm leaning towards the top right. Those won't be the colors I use, but they're ones I grabbed to try to easily differentiate between the letters. What do you guys think?

And speaking of Celtic things, I'm all sorts of excited because two of my favorite Celtic rock bands are going to be playing locally in late June. I'm hoping to see Blackthorn at a local park on June 23rd and Enter the Haggis at the Celtic Fling (PA Renfaire grounds) on the 24th. I haven't seen either band since '06, so it's about time I saw them again. Whoot! I definitely recommend checking both bands out!


Want to join the art adventure?
Ruthie and I would love to have you along on our art adventures! If you want to know more, check out out this post and if you're playing along, feel free to join our flickr group. Each week we do a different WTJ page and every month is a new drawing challenge.

Did you join us this week?
Below is the link list/blog hop thingy. Did you do the Celtic challenge and/or the WTJ "Page Numbers" page? You have until Tuesday(the 31st) to blog about either challenge (or both), then come back here and add your name and the link to your blog post.

The Next WTJ Challenge
Time for some mess! This week we'll be doing the "This page is for handprints or fingerprints. Get them dirty then press down". My book is still looking rather neat and tidy (er... minus the scorch marks and flung teastains), so this'll be interesting! You'll have until Tuesday the 7th to do this and blog about it. Ruthie will have a post up on her blog next Wednesday (the 1st) for you to drop off your handprint blog entry.

June's drawing challenge will be announced on the 1st, too. :)

The "Special" Pages
As Ruthie shared this week, we'll be doing a few long-term pages during the course of the challenge; these are ones that will take longer than a week to complete or have to be done at a specific time.
These are:
-Collect Fruit Stickers
-Use this as a Test Page
-Collect the Stamps off of All your Mail
-Document a Boring Event in Detail
-Fill in this page when you are really angry

So feel free to do these at any time. :) I'm also adding the "grocery list" page to this because I don't often have grocery lists, as well as the "Scribble with borrowed pens" because how many borrowed pens could you possibly find in a week? And maybe we should include the pocket lint, too. Man, this is awesomely amusing!


Rose Works Jewelry said...

I love it! I wonder how I missed the pocket lint one ... I bet I could find a lot of borrowed pens in a week :P Think the post office, library, craft store...

I'm not going to get my post up until tomorrow cuz today is chemo day...and cuz I'm finishing up today :P

Melissa said...

Beautiful Celtic knots this week! Can't decide which one's my favorite.

I might not have anything to post today. The cold I got this past week is making me not want to draw. I'll try to post something.

Meri Greenleaf said...

Yeah, but you go a lot more places a week than I do, Ruthie. lol! Yeah, the pocket lint one is just odd- not sure if I could get enough to cover two pages in a *year*. XD

Thanks, Niere! Yeah, I'm not sure, either. I think the two on the right since they're more stylized, but don't know if I like the curly bits or not. Then I have to figure out what colors to make it- my sis loves black and hot pink, so I may have to figure out how to get enough complimentary colors out of that. I think draw this out will be my job for this week and I'll blog it next week.

That's cool! I've been sick, too, so that's why I didn't have a lot drawn other than sketches.

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