Monday, May 02, 2011

Want to wreck stuff? How about joining art adventures led by two strange elf sisters?

Come on, you know that title intrigued you! ;) As my elfsister Ruthie mentioned on her blog last week, the two of us decided that we wanted to have some art-related fun and are inviting anyone along who wants to join us.

Every Wednesday we'll be posting about that week's art adventure- and whichever one of us is hosting the fun that week (we'll alternate; Ruthie goes first) will put a blog link list in that post where you can sign up to join us that week. It'll be a kind of blog-hop and hopefully get visitors to your blog, but it'll also be fun and give artistic practice. There's two parts to this, so I'll explain them.

Part 1 of the Adventure
I'm sure the wrecking is probably the most intriguing, so I'll explain that first. We'll be doing Wreck This Journals:
Wreck This Journal- New

Each week we'll do a different page and blog about it (yay, pictures!)- so whoever joins in this part of the adventure will be doing the same page at the same time. I know one page a week isn't a lot, but it'll give everyone time to do this and have creative fun with it. :)

I did a few pages a while ago, so I can show you an example of one of my few finished ones. This is the "Burn this page" page:
WTJ- Burn this page (post burn)

If you want to join this, WTJs are on sale on Amazon for $7.77 right now. So this would be a bit of money to take part in this half of the adventure, but the book is totally worth it! (And pssst- can't afford a WTJ? Feel free to use a regular blank notebook or journal.)


Part 2 of the Adventure
Each month we'll be running a theme for drawing and/or painting. Yes, sounds random when neither Ruthie nor I are especially good at those kinds of art, but we both would like to improve and for that we want practice and inspiration. With this challenge we'll get both! You'd jump on the adventure the same way as the WTJ: by adding your name/blog link to the link list of the week. May's theme is "Celtic", but you could draw anything that would fit into that theme.

We'll be blogging our drawing/painting endeavors the same time we post about the Wreck This Journal page of the week, so even though this is a monthly challenge, likely we'll have something for this each week, too. (So if you're joining in, you could aim for either each week sharing something new or an update of something you're working on for the challenge, or you could just blog about it once. We won't be picky!)

You don't need to be good at drawing or painting to play- goodness knows Ruthie and I aren't, or at least not yet. And you don't need any sort of fancy supplies (I have an old sketchbook from high school and a mechanical pencil), so anyone can join.


Since we're doing two adventures, that means that if you don't want to join in the WTJ one, you can still do the drawing/painting theme, or vice versa. Or you could join us in both, of course! A little extra fun and inspiration never hurt anyone, right? ;)

So watch out for posts made here and on Ruthie's blog on Wednesdays, and if you have a flickr account, join the group for our adventure. That's not required but it'll be neat to see peoples' work in one place. :)

If you're joining us in later weeks, no worries! Feel free to do the WTJ pages we've already done and share that blog post in the current week's link list (we alternate between my blog and Ruthie's). Ditto with the drawing challenge; say, you join in in June but want to draw something for May's Celtic theme. Go right ahead! Just drop that post off in whatever link list is current. And if you're on flickr, add the pictures to our group.


May drawing theme: Celtic

Wreck This Journal tasks for May:

Week 1: Share a picture of your with your WTJ, make an intro post, get to know your WTJ, etc. Hosted by Ruthie.

Week 2: Do the "Crack the spine" page, read the instructions and fill in the "This book belongs to" page. Hosted by Meri.

Week 3: Do the "Close this journal. Write/scribble something on the edges" page. Hosted by Ruthie.

Week 4: The "Add Your Own Page Numbers" page. Hosted by Meri.

Week 5: The "This page is for handprints or fingerprints. Get them dirty then press down" page. Ruthie's hosting this over on her blog.

June drawing theme: The Lord of the Rings

Wreck This Journal tasks for June:

Week 6: "Drip Something Here: (Ink, paint, tea) Close this book to make a print." How fun! This one is hosted by Meri and you can leave a link to this page/week until the 14th.

Week 7: Two tasks- first do the "make a funnel. Drink some water" page. Then mail the book off! Two tasks because that means we'll have something to blog about while it's in the mail. :) Ruthie will be hosting it on her blog starting on the 15th.


Melissa said...

I plan on participating in the drawing part. First, I have to let my finger recover from getting the bathroom door shut on it, however. XD

Meri Greenleaf said...

Yay! And Josh will be joining in on the WTJ and possibly be drawing, too (he better! I got him a handmade sketchbook for Christmas that he hasn't used!), so that'll be four of us at least. :D

I totally can't say anything about your finger- I jammed mine in a screen door a few weeks ago and that HURT. Yay, being clumsy and needing hands to do art. XD

Rose Works Jewelry said...

I love how you presented this :) Working on my post right now - but I got side tracked :P

Meri Greenleaf said...

Hopefully people will want to join us. At least we got Niere and Josh joining the fun. :D

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