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Elfsisters' Art Adventures, Week 6 - Though this be madness, yet there is method in't (geeky madness, of course!)

What time is it? 4:30... no wait, it's time for me to blog week 6 of the Elfsisters' Art Aventures, not sing along to 90s music. ;) This week for our Wreck This Journals we did the "Drip something here. (Ink, Paint, Tea.) Close the book to make a print" page.

WTJ - Drip page to start

I broke out the acrylic paints again, but also grabbed my fabric paints and some embossing powders. At first I tried diluting the acrylics so they dripped better, but that didn't work; it just soaked into the paper barely making a print when I closed it (you can kinda see that on the left page). After that, I just dropped some patches of the acrylics. Luckily the fabric paints squirted out much more nicely.

I did this in two or three shifts because the paint kept tugging the paint free of the other side of the paper (too tacky, I guess), causing the paint to rip away from the paper, so these dots aren't entirely the ones that gave me the final product.

And speaking of, here's what it looked like when I was done:
WTJ - Drip page finished

I think this came out REALLY pretty, but "though this be madness, yet there is method in't" (it's always time for Shakespeare, right?). There's a reason I picked these particular colors. This month I've been working pretty much nonstop on a story for a writing challenge; there are three sets of colors here, representing three of my characters from this current story. (Is it weird that I see characters and writing in terms of color?)

Geek out time!
At the center is Meren, my wood elf wild mage; a girl with power, but no control, whose chaotic magic generally involves the forest around her (don't mess with her or she'll throw bats at you). Her colors are greens and browns, representing her forest and her clothing and tattoos that blend her into said greenery. Mixed into her paints are dots of shiny copper powder and some green embossing powder.

Her colors blend into the blues above her- that's Kryro. He's her centaur brother (not by blood, obviously), scouting/border guard partner and her protector, and the only non-mage in this particular story (he'll protect Meren with every ounce of his strength but her magic frightens and disturbs him...). He's from her woodland environment, but prefers the blue of the sky above forest clearings to the wood elf's beloved dense forest. With all those legs, he likes someplace he can run. ;) Mixed in with the paint here is blue embossing powder.

Below (and intermingling with Meren's colors) is Phillip, a rather egotistical human Illusionist who's her antagonist... sort of. He and Meren have a very odd relationship and spend half their time hurling spells at each other and generally getting in each other's way, and the other half of the time almost friends. A sort of amnesia doesn't really help this. ;) At the time of the story, he's very showy about his appearance, wearing a black robe with silver runes and stars and keeping his black hair very long. But... well, this changes. In the story purple factors in greatly due to a magical backfire (lets just say he can't remove the purple), and he gives up his silver in favor of red, a far darker (as in evil) color. He switches from showy and flamboyant to mysterious and downright creepy, but that's mostly after my writing. Still, I wanted to hint at that, so instead of using red paint, I threw in red glitter and red embossing powder to hint at what was to come. (Just don't want to get too in detail here because my elfsister is already going to catch on to this far too quickly, lol!)

And here's a closeup of the one page, so you can see the texture and powder a bit better:
WTJ - Drip page closeup

Needless to say, in June this page is still REALLY tacky and keeps sticking to itself. I'm going to have to keep wax paper in here so the paint from one side doesn't completely pull it off the other side.

I didn't get a chance to work on anything "Lord of the Rings" themed for the June drawing challenge yet, but next week I'll try to have something! :)


Want to join the art adventure?
Ruthie and I would love to have you along on our art adventures! If you want to know more, check out out this post and if you're playing along, feel free to join our flickr group. Each week we do a different WTJ page and every month is a new drawing challenge.

Did you join us this week?
Below is the link list/blog hop thingy. Did you do the Lord of the Rings June challenge and/or the WTJ "Drip something here" page? You have until Tuesday (the 14th) to blog about either challenge (or both), then come back here and add your name and the link to your blog post.

The Next WTJ Challenge
This week's task is a bit different- there are two pages that we'll be doing.

Part 1: Close your book and look at the back cover. Yup, we're mailing it this week! A few of us are sending it to each other (Ruthie and I are swapping, and my friend Diana is swapping with my fiancé, Josh. We'll keep theirs for a short time, do the "Ask a friend to do something destructive to this page" page, then mail it back to the person who owns it, probably in a box the second time around, since the book will already be stamped and addressed from being mailed the first time), if anyone else joins in with this challenge, just follow the actual instructions and mail it to yourself. ;)

Part 2: Before mailing it off, do this one first! Find page 39, the "make a funnel. Drink some water" page. I have no idea how well this will work, but we'll be using our WTJ as a cup this week. Finish this, get pictures, then mail off your book.

Ruthie will have a post up on her blog next Wednesday (the 15th) for you to drop off your "funnel" blog entry.

The "Special" Pages
Don't forget, we'll be doing a few long-term pages during the course of the adventure; these are ones that will take longer than a week to complete or have to be done at a specific time.
These are:
-Collect Fruit Stickers
-Use this as a Test Page
-Collect the Stamps off of All your Mail
-Document a Boring Event in Detail
-Fill in this page when you are really angry
-Collect pocket lint
(I'm also adding the "grocery list" page and the "scribble with borrowed pens" to the long-term list because there's no way I could personally finish either of those pages in a week.)


Rose Works Jewelry said...

I love yours! Very artistic - much more so than mine :P

Melissa said...

Wow! That came out really awesome! Such a pretty design!

And I have nothing to post this week. I tried, but I was having a major art block. It's been ages since I've done fanart. I'm so use to doing original stuff anymore. I guess I could've gone just LotR inspired, but I'd probably just draw my elves as usual and there's really not much challenge in that. Maybe next week.

Meri Greenleaf said...

LOL! Thanks, Ruthie. :D

And thanks, Niere! I had so much fun with this that I may need to make more art by squishing pages together. LOL!

Aww! Whenever you get a chance, go for it. I can relate- I used to write a lot of fan stuff, but just can't do that anymore since I'm so used to original. And I'm still thinking of something to draw for LotR- I usually draw Smaug, but I already drew a dragon for the May challenge, so I'm not getting much of a challenge there, either. Maybe I'll draw some hobbits just for the heck of it.

Melissa said...

I was drawing hobbits Tuesday night. I hadn't found any inspiration for drawing yet, so I was going through old crappy fanart and considering redoing one of them. Considering how much my style has changed and my skills have improved since my LotR fanart days, I thought it was time for updates of some pictures. Alas, it didn't work out too well.

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