Thursday, June 23, 2011

Elfsisters' Art Adventures, Week 8 - Waitin' on the post office. *twiddles thumbs*

'Tis week 8 of the Elfsisters' Art Adventures! This is actually a very short post because we're waiting on the post office. I've already gotten Ruthie's book and destroyed a page in it and sent it back, but she hasn't gotten mine yet. And since she hasn't gotten hers back yet, either, I don't want to blog it until she can see it in person.

So here's just a peek. This is Ruthie's book when I got it:
WTJ - Ruthie's book!

I have to say, hers is GROSS. It had chocolate or something squirting out of it, and I had to be careful how I carried this so it wouldn't get on anything. I already asked her not to do anything food with mine. I know I'll have to do food in mine eventually, but that kind of thing really grosses me out, so I'm going to use non-sticky/squirty foods in mine! ;)

And here's my book:
WTJ - mail the book to your(elfsister)

This isn't actually how I mailed it, though- I was going to, but the post office has been misplacing my packages (grumblegrumble), so I actually had my fiancé mail my book at the same time I mailed Ruthie's back to her, and he put them both in a box. Saved postage and it's not like I could really afford to buy us both new books if they got lost, ya know?

If it wasn't obvious, my color of choice is green. Ruthie's is purple. :)

And here are our books together:
WTJ - two books

I thought this was neat because even though Ruthie is one of my bestest friends, I haven't been able to meet her in person yet (we're on two different sides of the country), but our journals have hung out. I'm amused that we have vines on the same side, although mine are also on the top. Her name's flipped from mine, but the books are facing the same way, I think.

Next week I'll blog the page I destroyed in her book (as well as a secret message I put in it. Shhhh!). ;)

And STILL haven't drawn anything for the LotR challenge. I feel so bad about that because LotR is my favorite thing ever, but I just haven't had a chance. :( I'll really try this week, though! I've been itching to draw something from the "Barrels out of Bonds" chapter from The Hobbit, so we'll see for next week. With all The Hobbit news going on, I want to do stuff from that.


Want to join the art adventure?
Ruthie and I would love to have you along on our art adventures! If you want to know more, check out out this post and if you're playing along, feel free to join our flickr group. Each week we do a different WTJ page and every month is a new drawing challenge.

Did you join us this week?
Below is the link list/blog hop thingy. Did you do the Lord of the Rings June challenge and/or the WTJ "mail" page? You have until Tuesday (the 28th) to blog about either challenge (or both), then come back here and add your name and the link to your blog post.

The Next WTJ Challenge
I'm not assigning a page in the WTJ since Ruthie and I still don't have our books, and I have no idea if Josh and Diana have swapped yet- probably not. So look for the next challenge on Ruthie's blog next Wednesday (the 29th) or so for the next WTJ page.

But hey, don't forget the Lord of the Rings drawing challenge runs until the end of the month!

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