Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Art Update - Mario Bros and D&D plushies

This has also been Crazy Plushie Making Month... although it's rapidly turning into Summer Plushie Making Madness. I finished six and am working on two more for a art/writing challenge I'm in by next month and another for an order (will blog those soon!), and have two I want to make for myself at some point. And there's still one I need to start for a friend's order and another (or two) for another friend's birthday... *swims around in yarn, doll eyes and stuffing*

First up are the Mario Bros fire and ice flowers I made my friend's son for his birthday:
Mario flowers

Not so happy with the eyes on the fire one; my paint got all runny in the humidity and was difficult to work with. I'd made that design before, but this time I didn't make the box below it. One of these days I'd like to create a pattern for this in a larger size- didn't have time this month, so had to work with a pattern I'd found on Ravelry.

Next up is the kobold plushie I made of Whiffy, my fiancé's "Dungeons and Dragons" character. I don't have a good picture of this one yet (gave it to Josh before we had a chance to make Whiffy's dagger), but here's my fiancé making the same face as the kobold:
Josh and Whiffy

And I'll share this picture, too, because it not only makes me giggle, it shows the kobold I made Josh last year and a few goblins in the background:
Josh and some kobolds

I'll get a better picture of El Whiffo later, now that his dagger is made.

I recently finished three for someone who wanted plushies for her rpg group. This made me very happy because I don't get to make D&D-style plushies nearly often enough! First I sketched out the design for them:
Sketch - 3 future dolls

(Changed it up some- gave the middle one longer hair and switched the hand the sword was in, for one thing.)

Then I got to work. Here's a peek at what they looked like as I was working on them:
3 plushies - work in progress 3 plushies - Work in Progress 2
3 plushies - work in progress 3 Armor for a plushie - sneak peek
Mercenary plushie - work in progress Mage plushie - work in progress

And here they are finished:
Finished mercenary plushie Finished mage plushie
Finished girl plushie - side view

I'm really happy with these! :D Two of the ones I'm working on at the moment are for a fantasy story, so they fall into the realm of D&D-type dolls, too. Yay! I'll share those soon.

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