Thursday, July 14, 2011

Art Update - Too many cartilage earrings!

I'm all sorts of terribly behind with blogging, huh? I have been working on art, though, so I'll just jump into that. Today I'll share jewelry (ooo, shinies!).

I had a few custom orders this past month for cartilage earrings. (I love custom orders- if you're interested, contact me via my shops on Artfire or Etsy.)

First was for the Fire Dragon cartilage chain earring, but with an ear cuff and in colors to match this gothic chainmaille heart necklace. This is what I came up with:
Red and black cartilage chain ear cuff

These kinds of earrings always look strange on my mannequin, though; her ear is smaller than life-sized, so the chain always looks like it dangles too low and the cuff won't fit on her right. I swear an earring like this looks fine on a human ear; I wear this style all the time. :)

I also had a set of four custom earrings for an awesome customer who has two lobe piercings in both ears and also a cartilage in the one:
Silver leaf cartilage chain earrings Purple and black cartilage chain earrings
Green and silver Celtic knot cartilage chain earrings Black and silver star and tree cartilage chain earrings

These all have sterling silver posts. Three are remakes of designs I'd done before and that silver leaf one is brand new. She wanted something that would work with any outfit and those definitely fit the bill!

And here was a very simple coin dangle ear cuff that someone requested:
Coin cartilage ear cuff

I also listed a new, summertime ear cuff in my shops:
Summer Seahorse Cartilage Ear Cuff
"Summer Seahorse" Cartilage Ear Cuff - on Etsy and Artfire

And it's not jewelry, but it is beaded, so I'll share it here. I also listed another "Dungeons and Dragons" inspired geeky keychain that I'd finished a while ago:
D&D Cleric keychain with sun and D20
"Blue and Silver Cleric Keychain" - on Etsy and Artfire

I tried out a new material here and used thicker wire than I usually do; this will make the keychains a lot sturdier. I think I may redo some of the other ones I have made; the downside is that I only have the wire in silver-colored.

It's inspired by Apollo, one of the important gods in my D&D game's world. Normally I'm all about Hermes, playing a cleric of that deity, but I figured Apollo would make for a much more general and generic D&D keychain because who besides me wants feathers and whoopee cushions on one? ;)

My "Wreck this Journal" is still on the west coast, so look for another Adventure post at some point in the near future. We're continuing the LotR drawing theme for July, too.

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Shaylynn said...

I love love love your ear cuffs..... If only I had a costume I needed one for. Unfortunately, all my new friends in my new town think wearing costumes all the time is *too* geeky. :( :P

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