Friday, July 01, 2011

Elfsisters' Art Adventures, Week 9 - Throwing fire and drawing hobbits

Adventure time! Our books are still in incorrect locations, so our schedules are a bit wonky here. Ruthie currently has both books now to make up for the fact that last week I had both. ;) Our task with the swap was to do each other's "ask a friend to do something destructive to this page. Don't look" page. Since we're on opposite sides of the country, not watching wasn't a problem. ;)

WTJ - Ruthie's Destruction page pre-burn

To start, I colored her page in with lots of colored pencils and crossed out "friend" to write "elfsister".

That wasn't destructive enough. Nope! With very little convincing, I was able to get my fiancé Josh to join in:
WTJ - Josh, the pyro

(Hi, Josh!)

Why so easy to get him to play? FIRE, of course! Neither he nor Ruthie have the "burn this page" page that I have in my WTJ (they have later editions), so this gave Josh a chance for some pyrotechnics and for Ruthie to have a slightly charred book:
WTJ - Ruthie's Destruction page aflame!

After dousing it with water, then setting the bottom on fire, then hitting it with more water, it eventually looked like this:
WTJ - Ruthie's Destruction page post-burn

I wasn't done with her WTJ yet, though! I decided to do for her much like I did for Josh's book. I found her "hide a secret message somewhere in this book" page and followed that instruction, leaving her a message on her "page of good thoughts":
WTJ -Secret message in Ruthie's book

I know we usually do things in Elvish (see the numbers at the bottom of her pages?) but Old English is my favorite odd language, so I left part of the message in that. (I'm not at all fluent, but someday I'll be!)

Then I left her a message saying I did so:

Hopefully she'll find the message before seeing this blog post. ;)

Elfsisters' Art Adventures - June banner

Down to the wire, but I did get something LotR drawn this month for our monthly drawing challenge! Well, sorta. It's actually from The Hobbit. I'm a huge Lord of the Rings fan, but my favorite Middle Earth thing is that book, probably because I had it read to me as a child, so I've loved it the longest.

My favorite scenes all involve Mirkwood (surprising no one), and my very favorite part is probably the "Barrels Out of Bond" chapter, so I chose to sketch that:
"Barrels out of Bond" sketch

This isn't a particularly polished drawing, hence why I'm considering it a sketch; I'd like to draw this out better on larger paper (my sketchbook is tiny) and do a much better job with the background and everything. Basically all that green is just a placeholder for when I work on something better. :) I just had a lot of fun drawing barrels although I know the perspectives are off. I really should have added more barrels, too, because if I remember right there are a few more barrels than dwarves (I did draw a few extra, though). And yeah, Bilbo should be invisible, but where's the fun in that? ;)

I still have other ideas of things I want to draw from that book, so at some point I'll do that.

Want to join the art adventure?
Ruthie and I would love to have you along on our art adventures! If you want to know more, check out out this post and if you're playing along, feel free to join our flickr group. Each week we do a different WTJ page and every month is a new drawing challenge.

Like I said, we're both behind with our books, so there isn't going to be a WTJ page assigned this week yet. July is scheduled to be a new drawing challenge theme, but personally I wouldn't mind extending the LotR one because I only got one thing worked on, and that was at the tail end of the month.


Rose Works Jewelry said...

Yay for book burning! :P

Meri Greenleaf said...

The only time burning a book is allowed. ;)

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