Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Art Update - Plushie time!

Umm, yeah, my blog. I had one of those at one point, didn't I? And I used to actually update it regularly, I think. ;)

Today I'm sharing some of the plushies I've made recently... although some are from earlier this year, so I suppose that's not really "recent".

First up is a Dumbseeker. This is from the Henry Hatsworth video game, like the horde of plushies I've made over the past few years.
Dumbseeker (Henry Hatsworth) plushie Dumbseeker (Henry Hatsworth) plushie

It's rather strange looking, but it's supposed to look like that. ;) It's about 6" tall and made from acrylic and bamboo/wool yarns and felt (the mouth). It's filled with stuffing, but also pellets to make it floppier.

Next up is Illia, a D&D half-elf bard played by one of my best friends. This was a present for her earlier this year:
Illia doll - D&D Bard -  with longbow
Illia doll - D&D Bard - quiver of arrows Illia doll - D&D Bard - closeup of harp

She's mostly made from acrylic yarn, but I used felt for the straps of the quiver and the harp. The longbow, harp and sword-in-scabbard are polymer clay that I painted with acrylic paints. She has a tiny plastic star that I painted to look like a flower glued to her head (to look like she has a flower tucked behind her ear).

Now another present. This one was a very very late birthday present for my best friend; it's supposed to be her favorite wrestler:
Doll for my best friend

As I know nothing about wrestling, I based this off of pictures online. Hopefully I got it close! I painted little crosses onto his shorts and shoes with fabric paint, painted his mouth, eyebrows and facial hair, and painted the eyes. The body and hair are acrylic yarn and the axe is polymer clay.

And two more! These were for a writing/art challenge over on livejournal and are two of the characters from another author's story:
Two crocheted plushies - Nissa and Madoc
Nissa Doll Madoc Doll

You can find the story here and see the scenes I put together with the dolls over on my livejournal. Here's my favorite of those pictures, so I'll share that:

The boy doll has two tiny books that I sewed together from linen and leather fabrics and the girl has a tiny chain and bead necklace. I really enjoyed making the girl's pants because in the story a plot point is the character turning a skirt into pants, so I made those wider than usual.

I've been working on a few other dolls, too, so I'll share those later. :)

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Rose Works Jewelry said...

Well you know how much I love Illia! I love the others that you made too :D

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